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Marketing training and support that empowers coaches to attract
Better clients, build a
Bolder offer and be
Braver with prices, planning and purpose.
Marketing training and support that empowers coaches to attract Better clients, build a Bolder offer and be Braver with prices, planning and purpose.

You can build a Better, Bolder, Braver coaching business

Many coaching businesses are being run by just one person. We know how hard it can be to try to do everything yourself – you don’t have time to be a great coach and become a marketing expert!

Most marketing advice out there doesn’t work for coaches. It is not in tune with the work coaches do or the kind of clients that they want to work with. It’s often suggested that you should use manipulation, fear and unethical practices to “sell” your coaching sessions, courses and programmes.

It just doesn’t feel right.

Without a ‘plan’ to guide you and someone to hold you accountable, it’s hard to stay on the best track – for you. It’s hard to know what will work, what won’t, and what to do next. You’re busy with clients, working too many hours and yet you sometimes feel like you’re not ‘growing’.

We hear this from so many coaches.

Help me I’m …

  • Working too many hours, and not earning enough

  • Unable to reach the clients I really want to work with

  • Struggling to find my niche (or work out why I need one)

  • Not feeling confident about putting myself out there

  • Rarely filling the places on my coaching programme

  • Panic pricing to get ‘bums on seats’

You don’t need to struggle any more

BBB Community Members

Coaching Specific Marketing Training

We’ve created a marketing course that is not like anything you’ve done before. It’s different because we approach marketing as you approach coaching…

As coaches, we believe you have the skills you need to do ethical marketing that works. That’s why we created this course just for coaches – so we can show you how to use the skills you already have to attract more of the clients you really want to work with.

We believe in looking at marketing from a different perspective. Rather than focusing on conversions, we’re all about starting meaningful conversations.

There’s no toxic marketing bullshit, empty promises or secret formulas in our course. This is ethical marketing built on the 40 years of marketing experience and expertise between us.

You’ll learn how to:

Build an ethical marketing process that’s in tune with your work and the kind of clients you want to attract.

Create content that resonates with people who find themselves at, or looking for, a point of change in their lives.

Feel more confident about putting yourself out there when talking about the work that you do.

This marketing course feels different because we will ask you questions and get you thinking and working on yourself and your business. It empowers you to make marketing work for you in a way that fills you with joy and helps you find balance.

What our members say

Better Bolder Braver is a vibrant and supportive coaching family. It’s a space to connect, collaborate and grow as a business owner and as a person.

It’s more than just training and it’s far better than a Facebook Group… This is a place for passionate coaches who are growing their businesses, want to make a difference and don’t want to burn out.

It’s a great place to meet other coaches who share the same mindset as you, so you don’t have to go it alone. You can ask questions, share advice and stories, it’s a great opportunity to make great new connections and partnerships and we’re confident you’ll feel better being a part of it.

Ellie – Leadership Coach

Ellie explains how the community has been so much more than she expected. She shares how the marketing she was doing wasn’t getting the results she knew she could achieve.

“The community has been so much more than I expected. When I joined, I expected to get some marketing tips. On top of that, the community is a hugely supportive group of like-minded coaches who are all in the same situation and working through what can be a messy world of marketing. When you’re a coach and used to shining the spotlight on other people and having to shine it on yourself and all of those feelings that it evokes. It feels like you’re not alone with these challenges”

Gemma – Fitness Coach

Gemma shares how before she joined, she thought she might not have time for it all and quickly realised that the way the sessions and community are structured, you really have time autonomy and support whenever you’re ready for it.

“I’m finding people who are feeling the same struggles and we’re supporting each other and having fun with it as well.”

Kieran – Voice Coach

Kieran tells us how the journey he has been on since joining the community has taken him to a place of clarity and purpose that he could not have foreseen even six months ago.

“I have tried many different things in the last three years since deciding, to work for myself, and since coming away from working for an agency, and none of them has given me the quality of the connection or the frankly insane value for money that Better Bolder Braver offers.”

Lucinda – Executive Coach

Dr Lucinda Homer shares how this was the first online community she’d ever joined so was unsure what to expect. What she found were like-minded coaches going on the same journey as her all supporting each other.

“I knew I was joining a community, but I am not really a Facebooky person so I’ve never been in a Facebook group and I’ve never been in an online community, so what I hadn’t anticipated was the support and the community that I was going to find with like-minded coaches who are all going through the same process that I am going through”

Meet the Team

Frances – Founder and your Cheerleader-in-Chief


I’m Frances Fogel. If you’d told me 10 years ago I’d be doing this, I’d have never believed you.

For 20 years, I worked in the Corporate world, in the ‘Third Sector’, for Start-ups and in Government communications. I created brand partnerships, launched products, designed websites and trained several lovely people along the way.

Now, I help coaches improve their relationship with marketing. Our community members face the feelings that marketing brings up and then capitalise on self-awareness to feel more confident about putting themselves out there.

I‘ve helped hundreds of businesses grow. I didn’t realise it, but it was all leading up to this. I bring a wealth of experience and insight to the BBB movement, our community and training and try my best all the time to improve and have fun along the way.

I also run Frances Fogel – Story Strategist, which is dedicated to helping purposeful businesses to tell their stories better, for a better world.

Frances BBB Happy4

I have applied my experience, knowledge and passion to change the way coaches think and feel about marketing – from striving for conversions to starting meaningful conversations.

I am on hand in the Better Bolder Braver community to share my knowledge and ensure you get the results you deserve, but more importantly a feeling of satisfaction, from your marketing.

The BBB Dream Team

I couldn’t do this alone. I am supported by a team of coaches and other experts who deliver huge value to me and to our all our members and supporters.

Kate Clarke is the best marketing wing-lady a person could have. She helps me with some of our social media announcements as well as our member and follower emails (which you can sign up to here).

Marina Chisholm is my Strategy and Operations sidekick and a bit like my other brain. She is also the rock for a number of other Founders and purposeful businesses.

Ellie Lloyd-Jones & Kieran Morris are founding members of the BBB community and now life-long friends of mine and each other. They support me in delivering a comprehensive programme of regular events in the community and support members with guidance and much appreciated support and mentoring.


I am a great supporter of those that have a Work/Work balance and also of the flexible working model that underpins how the BBB Team works.

Sharing the love is another big work value of mine, and giving people a change to pollinate, thrive creatively and originally.

You will never feel alone or unsupported in Better Bolder Braver.

Join us and who knows where it might lead…

It’s really easy to get started, and just as easy to keep going…

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1. Join the Community

Connect, share and learn with other like-minded coaches

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2. Access the Learning and Support

Join the weekly events and workshops, as well as the marketing training course

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3. Grow a Better, Bolder, Braver Coaching Business

Implement your learning, feel more confident and attract more of your ideal clients

My Vision

DSC05454 1

I know that you want to work with clients who energise and nourish you and – to do that – you need marketing that is simple, doesn’t take up a lot of your time and doesn’t cost too much.

The problem is that marketing can feel overwhelming and it can be hard to know how to start and how to get it working. This can leave you feeling drained, disillusioned and disconnected from your coaching business.

I understand how that feels, having a 21 years of marketing experience and having created a marketing training course and community just for coaches, I am very in tune with the reality of marketing to clients who are looking for or find themselves at a point of change in their lives.

Here’s how it what happens when you become a member of the community, you’ll:

  • Find clarity in workshops that balance strategy and tactics with confidence and energy to make your marketing more manageable
  • Access to all our coaching-specific marketing content and to previous session recordings
  • Be held in a safe space to talk about marketing and reflect on how the process is making you feel
  • Connect and collaborate with like-minded coaches
  • Be energised, inspired and motivated to keep going

This will empower you to stop overworking, undercharging and doing it alone. Come along for the ride… Join Better Bolder Braver and enjoy being part of the community working together through our step by step process to build a better, more comfortable coaching business.

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