5 Marketing Tips For Coaches

This past week I have been posting a short 1 minute (ish) video on my social channel each week as part of a social media challenge Frances and I were involved with as part of The Happy Startup School. It has also kick-started my intention of making 50 social videos this year.

I wanted to collate these videos and share them here as I think they will resonate with you. They also serve as an example of 2 key principles to consider when making content:

1) Keep it simple and about 1 thing per video/blog/email

2) It doesn’t have to be perfect – it’s only content when it’s out in the world

So here are 5 short marketing tips to watch while you have a coffee.

Simon Batchelar Making Content with their fingers in their ears

How to reduce the pressure of marketing

How’s your marketing going?

Why is marketing so confusing?

Making content that works

Overcoming the fear of putting yourself out there

Over to you

As you will have seen in the videos I invite you to try making a short video about 1 topic and share it with your audience. It only has to be a few short sentences to make a minute. You can film it on your phone at your desk, you don’t have to walk around a field!

Remember – watch some Queer Eye and give your self-confidence a boost!

Don’t overthink it – keep it super simple, imagine it’s the first time the viewer has ever heard of, or even thought about, your idea.

Use Descript to edit it.

Share it and tag me in!

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