Better Bolder Braver Accelerator

Are you a coach who is:

At “capacity” – like you are working more and more, but not gaining momentum

Not attracting the “right” clients – being haggled on price and compared to cheaper coaches. Feeling drained at the end of a session or series of sessions with a particular client? Feeling spread thin by so many different types of clients or – instead – wanting a bit more of a variety?

Struggling to sell your online course – have you created a programme that isn’t selling? Are you what we call “panic-pricing” to get bums on seats?

Wanting to create your own programme – do you want to create an online course or programme but you don’t know how to do it or where to start?

Charging for your time – which locks you into the cycle of needing to work more to earn more, and makes you feel like you can’t increase your prices easily?

Feeling trapped by your business model –  making you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, but underneath it all you know you could be doing / feeling much better?

If so, you’re not alone. We hear this a lot. 

Build a Better Coaching Business

We have created the Better Bolder Braver Accelerator Programme to help you reclaim control of your coaching business. On the Accelerator you will:

  • Attract Better Clients

    These clients will see your value and will be willing to pay more as they will understand the outcome of working with you. They will be “pre-sold” on the value you deliver and the method you use to deliver it. They will understand how you can help them and why they only want to work with you. Price won’t be an issue, it’ll just be a question of how soon you can start.

  • Build a Bolder Offer

    You will learn how to build a coaching product that is unlike anyone else’s in the market and turn it into an offer that’s the perfect fit for your ideal client. It will enable you to deliver value and impact to your clients whilst not linking this to your time. So you will be able to deliver more, without needing to work more hours.

  • Be Braver with your Pricing, Planning and Purpose

    With better clients and a bolder offer, you will be able to be braver with your pricing. You will attract clients who quickly understand your value, even if they are comparing you to others. They will be “pre-sold” on the value you deliver so will be willing to pay the price attached.

    You will have more clarity and therefore direction with your planning, and be so much clearer on your purpose. This confidence will translate to bravery in how you market yourself and the resulting energy will be infectious, bringing your clients in turn to a place of clarity, calm and creativity.

How it Works

The Accelerator programme runs for 12 weeks with groups limited to 8 coaches per intake. The programme is split into 8 weeks of learning and 4 weeks of supported implementation. Each week consists of a workshop followed by a group session. The learning modules include:


    You’ll acknowledge your value and impact, and look at how to avoid the comparison trap.

    We’ll set goals and map out a pathway to success, but also talk about how it’s OK to deviate from the path, be kind to yourself, laugh at, and embrace what might feel difficult and get to know each other as creative buddies and a support group – a safe place to share, showcase, challenge and cheerlead.


    You’ll explore who your ‘ideal’ client is, find your niche and work on feelings of commitment phobia.

    We’ll work with you on where to find your audience and how to attract your audience, and how to think of them as a community to talk ‘with’ rather than ‘at’ about what you do.

    We will also foster in you the sense that it is ok for you to change things up and shift your focus in the short or medium term, and how to smooth your marketing message from one type of client to another.


    You’ll combine empathy, authority and narrative together and learn to embrace sharing your story.

    We’ll empower you to talk about your business like never before, in an authentic and inviting way.

    You will enjoy and see value in why you – being – you at the centre of it all IS your greatest Unique Selling Point.


    You’ll be able to create a repeatable group model, if you wish, that enables you to work more effectively / offer your service more widely.

    Instead, or in addition, you’ll be able to deliver a clear 121 offering that is flexible for your client but compact enough as a model for you to price more effectively and sell with more focus, allowing you more time to develop your coaching practice, or for better work-life balance.

    We’ll show you how to automate course delivery and sort out the ‘tech’ stuff including thinking about payment plans and platforms.

    We will also think about delegation…


    You’ll create your Bold offer and price and practice your own coaching skills on yourself and others to overcome Imposter Syndrome.

    We’ll work with you on how y0u can promote this offer so that you attract the right clients, who are quick to understand the outcome of working with you.


    You’ll find your voice, embrace your authority and overcome fears about putting yourself out there.

    You can go foraging for rich material, share ideas, be poetic, colourful, visionary and creative.

    We’ll teach you how to create and share authentic, engaging content, and to enjoy it!


    You’ll create a client ‘journey’ that nurtures strangers (or people you already know!) by listening, reflecting and responding.

    We will help you to bring your coaching practice into your marketing practice, making putting yourself out there and offering support about having increasingly rich conversations and building networks that support you.


    With your new-found bravery and a life-long tribe of cheerleaders behind you, you’ll make an implementation plan for the following 12 weeks and commit to accountability.

    We bring it all together, practicing visualisations of what success looks like, think about the embodied experience and be mindful of any feelings coming up as we prepare to transition out of the programme – dissipating, but still together.

    We aim to conclude this precious time as a team with a clear sense of personal purpose, but with a group energy behind us, and we consider the group’s support as part of the ongoing plan. We will also allow for emergent practice to dictate how and when we communicate with each other moving forward, harking back to coaching values and respecting the unknown.

    There will be rituals, celebrations and meditations on Transition.

After each workshop, there is a group facilitation session that will enable you to ask questions, seek clarity, share learnings and practice.. building memory into the muscles.

These sessions will leave you feeling inspired and motivated and well-versed.

1-2-1 Implementation & Reflection Sessions

Included in the program are six 1 hour personal Action (with Simon) or Reflection (with Frances) sessions.

These sessions are available to book at any time, and in no particular order, during your 12 weeks – so you can use them if you want a deep dive to help with a particular session or you want some guidance and support with digesting and implementing the learning.

Simon Frances 3 min
There is more

There’s More…

In addition to all of the learning and practice opportunities, as well as access to and support from your private group of coaches also on the Better Bolder Braver Accelerator, you will benefit from:

  • A mobile App and bespoke online platform through which you can watch and listen the training material and interact with the group
  • Unlimited access to the training materials, recordings and videos for 1 year
  • A 28% discount for the Fabulous habit-building app and your first month for just £1
  • Access to our Further Reading List – a library that will help you develop yourself and your business even further
  • A whole year of beautifully printed planners to help you plan out (says Simon!) / play with and embrace (says Frances!) your future

Reserve your place

We only work with 8 coaches per intake, so book a ‘discovery call’ today to ask any questions and to reserve your spot. To get the results, you will need to invest, and we ask for this in 3 ways:

Time – you will need to invest 4 hours a week (or whatever you think might be the equivalent time you might spend trying to “do it yourself”  i.e. watching videos and reading blogs about how to do marketing, writing stuff then deleting it or just not using it, and generally worrying about your marketing).

Energy – we ask that you give yourself permission to commit to the process and to embrace the work you will need to do on the emotions that come up.

Money – each place on the programme is an investment of £2,000 – a lot less than outsourcing your marketing and, rather than distancing you from it, empowers you to see it as part of your self-development practice.

Simon Frances 2 min

1. Book your discovery call

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2. Join the Accelerator

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3. Reclaim control

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Once you secure a place on the Better Bolder Braver Accelerator it’s then a joyous and confidence-boosting journey to reclaim control of your business, your time and your energy.