Better Bolder Braver Manifesto

Frances and Simon standing on the rooftop

We have thought carefully about what kind of community we want to build. We will continuously be mindful of what our members are getting out of it and how it might be improved.

First and foremost, we want our members to feel energised and motivated. The activities we plan and the content we offer are designed to be informative, educational and inspiring. The intrigue we hope the content fosters will lead to exploration and fun as opposed to feelings of fear or overwhelm! And we expect of our members that they treat themselves and each other in a way that best allows for this growth to happen…

We operate on a “personal celebration” policy – to encourage self-compassion and to combat any person-oriented criticism.

We do not insist on a ‘sales-free environment’ but we do emplore our members to consider always putting out there what will serve others as well as themselves – this is at the heart of how we approach our own marketing and we hope helps people pivot from a sales to more of a sharing and collaborative spirit.

Our anti-harassment policy is quite simple – please don’t do it. Our members are encouraged to be supportive and nurturing of each other and should expect this in return. What we love about working with coaches is that we are very unlikely to have to ask you to listen more and talk less, not to offload on each other or rant (too much!). The golden thread that laces both good coaching and good marketing is to give as much as – or more – than you take in a way that, in turn, energises you – and so that is our ethos.

We are all here to enjoy the fruits of self-awareness. However, this is best enjoyed as something borne of the self as opposed to offered – at worst in a clumsy or uncompassionate way – from someone else. No finger-pointing. Only mindful perspective giving.

Our community is a bunch of very brilliant coaches. We all know that there is no “one Truth, Way or Fact”. Let’s allow for creativity and opinion, niching of approach and choice.

We invite members to adopt a gender neutrality policy – i.e. to refer to other members as ‘they’ as opposed to ‘he’ or ‘she’, unless clearly indicated otherwise. 

We pay homage to, and stand by ‘The Ethical Move’ Pledge, which we encourage all of our members to consider for themselves.

We also encourage our members to read Seth Godin’s This is Marketing.

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Let’s Go On This Journey Together

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