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Simon on the phone Sell more without selling

Do you enjoy selling? Most business owners would say not. In fact, most business owners and coaches will manage to find anything else to do other than sales. It might be absolutely essential to your business but that doesn’t mean you like it. What if you could sell more, do more business, without needing to do so much actual selling?

Large audience for a tennis match

As a business, you probably feel like you need to grow a huge online audience – the bigger, the better. This means you spend a lot of time and energy chasing more and more likes and followers. It’s exhausting. Have you stopped to think about how you turn these followers into customers? Or how many you really need? It’s not as many as you might think.

Why change

We’re often told to say ‘no’ more often – from life coaches to productivity experts, there’s no shortage of people telling us that ‘no’ is a good answer to give. But it’s not always a good answer to get… not when you and your business are looking for a ‘yes’. So how can you get more clients to say “Yes”?

Old wooden chest contain a mystery offer

If you are mindful about it, I think your marketing can help you understand yourself. In this blog, I pose some questions and give you some inspiration on how to think about your marketing more mindfully.

Trying to niche your coaching business can feel daunting. Often, the assumption is that you’re narrowing your market, limiting your business. But in fact, niching isn’t about restriction, it’s about focus. When establishing yourself as a coach with a specialism: you’re focusing on a specific group of people and their particular goals. Why bother? Because then you can focus all of your attention, services and marketing on this individual group of people. Which will save you time, money, and a lot of energy.