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Lucy, Frances and Simon presenting why coaching community matters session

This week (Monday 19th July), we hosted the first episode of our Monday Masterclass sessions on ‘Why a Coaching Community Matters’ with Lucy Bramley. Using the Masterclass as inspiration, we’ve put together three reasons why a Coaching Community matters, and how it can be used to deepen your marketing practice:

Sliced bread

Are you a coach like lots of other coaches? Do you do what a lot of other coaches do? For some, this viewpoint holds them back. For others, it’s exactly what helps them stand out from the crowd. If you want to get noticed, imagine you’re a bread company. Imagine your local supermarket with an aisle full of sliced loaves. It’s all just bread. But when you walk down that aisle, doing the weekly shop, you choose one loaf over all the rest. Why? In this article, we’ll find out.

Frances and Simon 9

Are you feeling that most marketing advice is simply not going to work for you? Are you fed up with hearing overhyped promises? We are too and that’s why our vision is to change the conversation around marketing. Enough noise, hype and hustle. It’s time to switch it up and talk about ethical, empathetic human-centred marketing.

Frances and Simon looking at your questions

We all know that the key to brilliant coaching is asking the right questions. The same can be said for marketing. But sometimes, the questions that we hear most often from coaches feel like cries for help… here are our top 3.

Frances and Simon Better Bolder Braver L 1

We had the pleasure of speaking with Rob Lawrence from the Association for Coaches Podcast for a brilliant two-parter episode on how to Boost your Coaching Business. Whether you’re feeling stagnant, looking for that extra bit of inspiration, or you want to change how you view marketing in light of your coaching business, give us a listen on all podcast platforms.