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Simon Batchelar Marketing Mentor

When you read about marketing your coaching business, it’s easy to feel bad for not doing enough. But instead of making you feel bad (not how we do things here!) I’d rather talk about marketing in a way that will excite and inspire you. So, as someone who wants to get the word out about their coaching services, what should you be doing?

Despite what many coaches may believe — despite what you may believe — coaching clients aren’t buying time. Yes, your sessions are timed. And in them, you spend a slice of your time with the client. But they’re not buying your time. If it was your time they wanted, they’d happily pay your hourly rate to play Scrabble. So, what are they paying for? Well, obviously, they’re paying for what happens during the time you give them. They’re paying for outcomes… results. But maybe it’s not so “obvious” after all, because most coaches still market themselves as if they’re selling a chunk of time, a slot in the diary. Which means they’re selling something the clients don’t want to buy. Instead of something they really, really do want.

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When you “show up” in your marketing, you are making a choice — a choice to put yourself out there and a choice about how you invite, respond, react and what you give to your audience — your people. Just as there are many different approaches to many things in life, there are many ways to go about, and levels of consciousness in, marketing. There are no marketing police and there is no marketing bible. And there is no Truth. There is only values, respect, clarity, creativity and generosity… or greediness.

How do you feel about marketing yourself to prospective coaching clients? Are you (even a little) nervous, uncertain…? Most people don’t like the idea of putting themselves, or their business, out there. It often feels daunting to explain or justify what you do… especially in front of a camera! If you feel in need of more confidence when selling and marketing yourself, read on for three practical steps that will help you put yourself out there and feel better about doing so.


When time is so precious, clever marketing is about recycling your content. If you have been inspired to post something somewhere, there is nothing whatsoever wrong in re-posting it on other channels. The key is understanding the channel and moulding your content for that platform.