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If you are mindful about it, I think your marketing can help you understand yourself. In this blog, I pose some questions and give you some inspiration on how to think about your marketing more mindfully.

Trying to niche your coaching business can feel daunting. Often, the assumption is that you’re narrowing your market, limiting your business. But in fact, niching isn’t about restriction, it’s about focus. When establishing yourself as a coach with a specialism: you’re focusing on a specific group of people and their particular goals. Why bother? Because then you can focus all of your attention, services and marketing on this individual group of people. Which will save you time, money, and a lot of energy.

As the UK’s lockdown begins to ease, you have a great opportunity to build a better coaching business. Why? Because the world is different and whatever business you’re in, customer behaviour and expectations have shifted. As a coach you’ll know that the widespread switch to remote and home working means that people are looking for different services and different ways to access them. The world has changed. The question is, are you changing with it?

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Effective marketers have the courage to create tension. Some actively seek out this tension, because it works. It pushes those you serve over the chasm to the other side… says Seth Godin, in his treasure trove of a book for the human-led marketer, ‘This is Marketing’. Learn what this means for coaches doing their won marketing.

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For coaches, the goal of achieving work-life balance is a myth. This idyllic state of having time to do everything is always just around the corner. Many work a few extra hours now thinking it will get them closer to the work-life balance dream. Then they do the same next week, and the next, and the next. The problem is that balance is not something you achieve, it’s what you are always doing. When thought of as a fixed goal it represents a state of equilibrium that is simply not possible. So many people use balance as their goal to work towards without fully considering it. Being pulled between work and life is natural, especially when you run your own business. So rather than looking for ‘balance’, we should be balancing, adjusting how far, and how often, we get pulled between work and life.