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How do I get coaching clients after qualifying

Qualifying as a coach is a fantastic start to an exciting rewarding journey. You get to make an impact on your clients’ lives. Your training has taught you all about how to coach, including practical experience through co-coaching. The challenge now is finding some clients. But how to find them when the ink is still wet on your coaching certificate?

Frances Dancing

Our recent podcast episode with Mark Silver contains a number of magical marketing nuggets, which I’d like to share with you — they so neatly encapsulate so much of what Simon Batchelar and I care about… The fact that Mark was fasting for Ramadan at the time that these mic drops landed with us is testament to his strength, spiritual commitment and dedication.

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It is often said that nothing is original. In many ways, that’s so but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In marketing your services, there’s often an assumption that you need to be the ‘next big thing’. But is that really true?

Frances and Simon talking with Anna Mullenneaux

Like us, Anna believes that marketing can be a game changer if it comes from a place of self-awareness, service and compassion. We are happy to call Anna a member of our Marketing Family, and we very much enjoyed comparing notes with her on our Marketing Masterclass.

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Is your marketing an accidental success? To put it another way… do you get results because of the marketing you do, or despite it?
A lot of marketing only ‘works’ because of the effort of the recipient. It lands in front of someone who is ready to buy and is willing to do the work to decode the marketing message. Why do we say “decode”? Because all too often, the marketing message isn’t focused on them, it’s all about the coach and what they do. The potential customer has to do some translation work – The coach does X… therefore I will potentially get Y. The marketing is only working by accident. So how can you start marketing on purpose?

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