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Leading Communication with Ellie Lloyd Jones 1 min

Ellie herself has significant experience in leading people. She also has three kids. And a part time job. She leads the way for many people in how to balance what I like to call “work-work” balance — a very real experience for many coaches who are new to setting up a coaching business — or who have been established for years — AND have to work another job to pay bills or for mental health / joy / creativity / balance reasons.

How NOT to get 10000 followers

As a coach, how many clients would you say you need? Or, to put it another way, how many can you work with in any depth? You certainly don’t need 10,000 clients (and couldn’t manage that many anyway) so why does so much marketing advice push to get so many followers or ‘fans’ for your online content?

Women Know Your Limits

Post-International Women’s Day, I’d like to pose the question as to whether we should niche ourselves by helping those who are just like us. Or whether, instead, we might look further afield to do better work, increase our inclusion and be kinder to ourselves.

Line of empty plates

Where do your coaching clients come from? A lot of coaches say that they get most of their business from word-of-mouth referrals. They tend to think of this as being the primary, or often only, form of marketing that they need. The problem with relying on word-of-mouth marketing is that essentially what you’re doing is hoping that by doing a good job, people will talk about you and more clients will come your way. It’s the business equivalent of a free lunch, lovely when you get one and you appreciate it, but you can’t really rely on it to feed you. So, realistically, how can you orchestrate more referrals – rather than waiting for that free lunch?

Person sitting on a rock meditating

Our sense of identity links to what we are doing. How we make an activity our own is so important. So that we feel grounded, connected and so that it is sustainable. So that we don’t feel like we are about to fall into a precipice of hopelessness and despair. Or simply give up, move on and feel a little bit pissed off with ourselves for quite a while… knowing that something that could have been a real gift and a gateway became something we resented quickly and assumed we just couldn’t do or enjoy.

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