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Why do your coaching clients work with you? Presumably because what you do resonates, supports, guides or otherwise works for them. When clients are deciding if they want to work with you they are asking themselves three questions: Who does this coach usually work with? What can they help me with? Why should I trust them? Most coaches are great at talking about the what but are less sure about the who and the why. So let’s look at how to talk about all 3.

Frances Tad and Simon talking about feel good marketing

When we came across Tad Hargrave, we realised that he was a kindred spirit. He describes himself as “a hippy who developed a knack for marketing (and then learned to be a hippy again).” We very much share Tad’s view that marketing can make you feel good, can be ethical and “conscious”. And If you think “Hippy” here means doing fluffy and unchallenging marketing, think again…

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Faced with marketing your coaching, you can always decide to sell it just like any other product. But you really shouldn’t. Tempting though it may be… It can feel like hard work trying to convince someone that they ‘need’ coaching, trying to persuade them of how much better their lives would be if they could just see what you can see so clearly. So how can you get someone to point where they’re ready to talk about coaching?

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A lot of marketing advice is complicated. There’s talk of funnels, conversions, CRM and CTAs… This doesn’t feel right for a lot of coaches so they often skip the strategy and go straight to the tactics bit. And that’s understandable. A strategy sounds complicated, and all that jargon! It’s tempting to choose a marketing tactic and go – at least you feel like you’re doing something. But that can be a) counterproductive, and b) unnecessary.

Recovering from Perfectionism in Marketing with Vix Anderton

We overran our first Better Bolder Braver Marketing Masterclass of 2022 with Vix Anderton. I lost track of time — because I was out of practice and because the chat was amazing. The timing wasn’t ideal. But it wasn’t the end of the world… in fact the result was great.

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