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Marketing vs Advertising

Coaches often want fast results and turn to marketing to get them. However, for fast results, marketing isn’t the right tool for the job. There are a lot of people who will argue that it is. And the same people are often happy to take your money to help you get these fast results. The results they’re offering are traffic, clicks or ‘engagement’. But does this really translate to new clients? And if the ‘result’ (fast or otherwise) or your marketing isn’t a new client, is it really a result?

How to Make Something Holy with Charles Davies

What are your preconceptions about publishing your own book? Is this holding you back? This week we were joined by Charles Davies to discuss the value we place in the things we create, and some of the preconceptions we must consider, or overcome, when sharing our creations with the world.

John, Simon and Frances discussing Happy Habits in your Marketing

Can you create habits that make you happier? Do you have to be happy all of the time to tell if they’re working? What even is happiness? In the Marketing Masterclass, we were joined by John Ellison, founder of Happy Habits, to take a deep dive into the work of habit and happiness to learn more about how forming habits can help you work on discipline, find clarity in your aspirations and underlying feelings and make you appreciate happiness even more.

Frances Marianne and Simon talking about Story and why it matters

Many coaches are passionate about their work but struggle with how to describe what they do. How do you find authentic, creative and engaging ways to talk about yourself and what you offer? In this week’s Marketing Masterclass we were joined by Marrianne Powell to talk about how your coaching customers can get to know and trust you from the way you tell your story.

Frances, Simon and Alice talking about ethical marketing

Ethical marketing is more than it might seem at first glance. Yes, it’s about creating conscious choices for your client. It’s also a powerful tool to change the way you think about and do marketing. When we started Better Bolder Braver we took The Ethical Move’s pledge and used the learnings from the movement, to underpin what we do, teach and mentor in our business. In this Monday Masterclass, we were joined by Alice Karolina, the founder of The Ethical Move, to talk about the evolution of their pledge into an intention. We covered a lot of topics and learnt a lot about accessibility, policies, rules and privilege. We have made clips of some of our favourite bits of the conversation, and we had a lot to choose from, you can watch a replay of the full conversation on Crowdcast.