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Don’t start with the hardest part of marketing

Most coaches start with the hardest bit of marketing. If it seems that you’re always talking to people who don’t understand coaching, let alone that they would benefit from it, then you too are engaged in that ‘hardest bit’. It’s exhausting, isn’t it? A lot of work and effort with limited engagement in return… because these people are unaware of their situation or that coaching might help. It is often assumed that these people are your only potential clients, but luckily there are other people with whom your marketing will resonate much more easily.

Frances, Simon and Laura talking about LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great ice breaker, it’s really useful at letting people get to know you and what you’re all about. It can also be a place of noisy sales posts and unsolicited messages. So how can you make the most of LinkedIn and use it to grow your coaching business rather than use up your valuable time! In our Monday Masterclass, we were joined by LinkedIn expert Laura Fox, one of the few LinkedIn consultants who has actually worked at LinkedIn. She shared with us her LinkedIn wisdom.

Move your marketing from conversions to conversations

Most marketing advice for coaches doesn’t work. Why? Because the Holy Grail of traditional marketing strategies is the conversion. And as a coach, conversions are not what you’re chasing. So, how can you shift your marketing mindset? How do you wean yourself off the conversion drive and focus on creating opportunities for conversations instead? We have a few ideas…

Frances Simon and Martine talking about branding for coaches

Coaches may not think branding is something they necessarily need to think about, believing it’s only for bigger businesses. They might also assume they don’t have easy access to brand expertise. The opposite is true. In this week’s Monday Masterclass, we were joined by Martine Warburton the creator of the Better Bolder Braver brand and co-founder of Huskii Studio as we talked about why branding is both within reach and worthwhile and for coaches.

Simon Rob and Frances talking about podcasting for coaches

A lot of coaches have a podcast. Even more, say they want to start one! This week in our Monday Masterclass we spoke to podcast producer and coach Rob Lawrence about what makes podcasting such a powerful marketing, and self-development, tool. In the spirit of emergence we switched off the video and ‘went dark’ into the intimate world of audio.