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Have you done coaching training? Where did it leave you in terms of confidence about marketing yourself? Do you feel part of a community of graduates of that training programme? What does collaboration mean to you? We discussed all these questions in our Monday Masterclass session when we had the pleasure of talking to one of our favourite coaching training providers, Lucy Mullins, about “Life after Coaching Training”. Learn more about Lucy’s advice for coaches just starting out, the task treadmill and how lucy balances doing and being in order to be more productive in this article.

Frances, Karen and Simon on the Ethical Marketing with Karen Webber Crowdcast session

We spoke to Karen Webber on the practice of Ethical Marketing in our Monday Masterclass session. We talked quite a bit about the “what-not-to-dos” of good and fair marketing, but we also went quite deep quite quickly into how Ethical Marketing serves ourselves as well as our audience and customers. We also discovered how marketing is like your favourite flavour of ice cream, everyone has their own and it’s actually really hard to please everyone without being vanilla.

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Many coaches seek out or create communities for their clients. It is often said that creating an ‘online course’ is the answer to many coaching business problems. For some of your clients, a group coaching process may be the best way forward. And that’s another kind of community – one in which people on a coaching journey (and you, their guide!) can support each other. The reality of creating either of these is often a lot more work than you might expect and it’s easy to be overwhelmed when searching for online tools. In this blog, we share our research on the best options for building an online coaching community.

Lucy, Frances and Simon presenting why coaching community matters session

This week (Monday 19th July), we hosted the first episode of our Monday Masterclass sessions on ‘Why a Coaching Community Matters’ with Lucy Bramley. Using the Masterclass as inspiration, we’ve put together three reasons why a Coaching Community matters, and how it can be used to deepen your marketing practice:

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Are you a coach like lots of other coaches? Do you do what a lot of other coaches do? For some, this viewpoint holds them back. For others, it’s exactly what helps them stand out from the crowd. If you want to get noticed, imagine you’re a bread company. Imagine your local supermarket with an aisle full of sliced loaves. It’s all just bread. But when you walk down that aisle, doing the weekly shop, you choose one loaf over all the rest. Why? In this article, we’ll find out.