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Frances Simon and Martine talking about branding for coaches

Coaches may not think branding is something they necessarily need to think about, believing it’s only for bigger businesses. They might also assume they don’t have easy access to brand expertise. The opposite is true. In this week’s Monday Masterclass, we were joined by Martine Warburton the creator of the Better Bolder Braver brand and co-founder of Huskii Studio as we talked about why branding is both within reach and worthwhile and for coaches.

Simon Rob and Frances talking about podcasting for coaches

A lot of coaches have a podcast. Even more, say they want to start one! This week in our Monday Masterclass we spoke to podcast producer and coach Rob Lawrence about what makes podcasting such a powerful marketing, and self-development, tool. In the spirit of emergence we switched off the video and ‘went dark’ into the intimate world of audio.

Beans and a magic wand

There’s always a get-rich scheme. And sometimes the scheme is telling other people how to get rich. More specifically, there’s no shortage of people online who have ‘made millions’ selling online courses and high ticket affiliate programmes. They go to great lengths – and time and expense – to tell you how much money they’ve made and how successful they are. What’s more, because they are kind and generous and have only your best interests at heart, they also offer to tell you just how they did it… to let you in on their money-making secrets so that you too can make hundreds of thousands of dollar-euro-pounds. There is a lot of money to be made telling people that there is a lot of money to be made and offering to show them how.

Build an online course

In this blog we take you on a behind the scenes tour of what it was like for us to build our own course. We wanted to provide coaches with a “warts and all” overview (or underview?!) of the ins and outs of conjuring up, building, packing, shipping and marketing an online video course and to ask yourselves why would you even want to do this?

Frances and Simon co-founders of Better Bolder Braver

When we created the Better Bolder Braver community, we wanted to change the marketing conversation and show coaches that they already have the practical skills and emotional intelligence they need to do good marketing. Now we have launched our Self-Service course to guide coaches through the six essential steps of building a better coaching business.

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