Broaden your appeal: repurposing marketing content for coaches

Not everyone learns in the same way. As a coach marketing their services, seeking to showcase your expertise and reliability to a target market, you can’t afford to ignore the fact that how people like to absorb information differs, according to one of four broad preferences.

Why is this a potential problem?

Because if you always market the same way, using the same method (the one you’re most comfortable with, no doubt) you’re only engaging a fraction of your potential audience.

But don’t worry, reaching more people, broadening your appeal, isn’t a huge or complicated task…

Cookie cutter repeating the same shape

Sometimes, sticking to what you know is just… limiting yourself

We all have our comfort zones. When creating your marketing content, you probably have a preferred format: blog posts, podcasts, videos… But your potential clients have their comfort zones too – and you need to cater to those preferences if you’re going to engage their attention.

Maybe you like writing blog posts. But not everyone is a big reader. Not everyone has time to read. What about people who like to listen to content during their morning commute? How about people who get far more from a short video than they will from your carefully-crafted text?

Unless you’re creating content solely for yourself (fun, maybe, but ultimately a bit narcissistic and not so good for business) you need to reach out in a variety of ways to connect with the ideal clients in your target audience.

Watch Read Listen Do

Watch, listen, read, do…

Often referred to as the ‘VARK learning styles’, people have different preferred ways of receiving new information:

  • Visual (e.g. a video, animation, presentation, PowerPoint)
  • Auditory (e.g. a podcast, audiobook, verbal instructions)
  • Read (e.g. a blog article, website, book, how-to guide)
  • Kinesthetic (e.g. an exercise, checklist, trigger cards, workshop)

When someone is looking to make a big life decision (buy a house, book a big holiday, …choose a coach) they spend an average of seven hours researching that decision. For coaching, they’re looking for information about the process, outcomes, feelings, challenges… and all (probably unconsciously so) via their preferred communication route.

To reach out to the largest possible audience of ideal clients, you need to cover all four bases. But how can you do that without quadrupling the time you spend on marketing?

Microphone for recording podcast

Solution: set up a workflow

Any task becomes easier with routine. And a workflow is simply a set sequence of tasks, helping you make multi-channel marketing content something you routinely do. Here are two of our favourite simple workflows:

#1 The writer’s workflow

  • Let’s say your preference is to write – let’s start with that.
  • Write your blog article on a topic (500-1000 words is fine).
  • Record yourself (audio and video) reading the article.
  • Add a short introduction.
  • Add a call to action at the end (an exercise to do, question to consider, checklist to download…)

The audio recording gives you a podcast episode on the same topic. (Top Tip: use Descript to make editing your podcast super easy.)

The video recording is ready for YouTube (or wherever is best for your target audience).

The call to action hits the spot for those with a kinesthetic preference.

#2 The speaker’s workflow

If your preference is to talk through a topic (tell a story) rather than write it down, this version will fit better.

  • Start by writing a few key bullet points about your chosen subject.
  • Consider the order and structure of the points (yes, this workflow is less restrictive in terms of words and expression, but it still has to make sense for the audience: think beginning, middle and end as a basic structure).
  • Record yourself (audio and video) talking through the bullet points.
  • Add a call to action at the end (an exercise to do, question to consider, checklist to download…)Transcribe the recording and use this as the blog.

Again, the audio recording gives you a podcast (remember Descript; seriously, it’s such a good editing tool, it’s magic!)The video recording is your, well… video.

The transcription can be edited into an engaging article for the readers. And the call to action at the end connects with those who prefer to ‘do’.

Whether it’s once a week or once a month, following a workflow will give you a ‘back catalogue’ of engaging information about your coaching services, demonstrating your expertise in ways that are very shareable on social media.

Man taping watch

But… I don’t have time!

Yes, this is more work than just sticking to your tried and tested (and comfortable) marketing option.

But it’s not four times the work. It’s all based on the same material/theme. You’re not doing extra research or development, you’re presenting the same points using different formats. And you’re broadening your appeal by bringing your content (and you!) to a much larger audience. Put simply, by expanding your range of channels, you’re becoming interesting to people who would previously have been uninterested. Not because your services aren’t for them, but because your services weren’t presented in a way that attracted their attention.

Set up the right workflow for you, one that starts with your comfort zone and works from there. Once you’ve been through that workflow a few times, the routine aspect kicks in: your comfort and confidence grows, and the whole process takes less and less time.

Set up a routine that helps you break new ground

Give it a go, see how you get on. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Maybe ask someone you trust (one or two existing clients, for example) for feedback on how you’re coming across on your new channels?

Remember that if you’re uncomfortable at first using a new channel, your target audience that prefers that channel will be more open to getting your content that way. If you trust your content, trust that it can work in a new format.

Embrace all four different learning styles and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the feedback and the conversations that this content will start.

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