Over the Summer months (June to September), Simon and I have decided to ease off on producing more content and, instead, are enjoying looking back over the things that we had already produced, feeling satisfied putting the content in tidy themes and having fun repurposing it.

We get asked a lot about the equipment and software we use to make our videos so we have created this article to show you some of our recommendations.

LinkedIn is a great ice breaker, it’s really useful at letting people get to know you and what you’re all about. It can also be a place of noisy sales posts and unsolicited messages. So how can you make the most of LinkedIn and use it to grow your coaching business rather than use up your valuable time! In our Monday Masterclass, we were joined by LinkedIn expert Laura Fox, one of the few LinkedIn consultants who has actually worked at LinkedIn. She shared with us her LinkedIn wisdom.

A lot of coaches have a podcast. Even more, say they want to start one! This week in our Monday Masterclass we spoke to podcast producer and coach Rob Lawrence about what makes podcasting such a powerful marketing, and self-development, tool. In the spirit of emergence we switched off the video and ‘went dark’ into the intimate world of audio.

Why should we bother producing content? Surely our profound website and gift for networking will do the trick… What makes a good relationship? Love. Conversations. Listening. Being Yourself. Having Fun. Compassionate Reflection. This, therefore, is the key ingredients to Content Creation.

When you’re marketing your coaching business, done beats perfect. By which I mean, when it comes to producing your articles, blog posts, podcasts, etc. if you’re continually striving to create the so-called Perfect PostTM, then you’re wasting your time. That’s hard to accept for some, especially if you like everything to be just right. It’s time to focus less on getting it right, and more on getting it out there.

Not everyone learns in the same way. As a coach marketing their services, seeking to showcase your expertise and reliability to a target market, you can’t afford to ignore the fact that how people like to absorb information differs, according to one of four broad preferences. Why is this a potential problem? Because if you always market the same way, using the same method (the one you’re most comfortable with, no doubt) you’re only engaging a fraction of your potential audience. But don’t worry, reaching more people, broadening your appeal, isn’t a huge or complicated task…

You’ve probably heard of TikTok, but you might not know what it is, or be too embarrassed to ask your kids.
In this blog you’ll learn more about what TikTok is, how it’s used and why it might be useful for your coaching business in terms of creating engaging content.

Are you feeling that most marketing advice is simply not going to work for you? Are you fed up with hearing overhyped promises? We are too and that’s why our vision is to change the conversation around marketing. Enough noise, hype and hustle. It’s time to switch it up and talk about ethical, empathetic human-centred marketing.

How do you feel about marketing yourself to prospective coaching clients? Are you (even a little) nervous, uncertain…? Most people don’t like the idea of putting themselves, or their business, out there. It often feels daunting to explain or justify what you do… especially in front of a camera! If you feel in need of more confidence when selling and marketing yourself, read on for three practical steps that will help you put yourself out there and feel better about doing so.

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