Our recent podcast episode with Mark Silver contains a number of magical marketing nuggets, which I’d like to share with you — they so neatly encapsulate so much of what Simon Batchelar and I care about… The fact that Mark was fasting for Ramadan at the time that these mic drops landed with us is testament to his strength, spiritual commitment and dedication.

Like us, Anna believes that marketing can be a game changer if it comes from a place of self-awareness, service and compassion. We are happy to call Anna a member of our Marketing Family, and we very much enjoyed comparing notes with her on our Marketing Masterclass.

Post-International Women’s Day, I’d like to pose the question as to whether we should niche ourselves by helping those who are just like us. Or whether, instead, we might look further afield to do better work, increase our inclusion and be kinder to ourselves.

Our sense of identity links to what we are doing. How we make an activity our own is so important. So that we feel grounded, connected and so that it is sustainable. So that we don’t feel like we are about to fall into a precipice of hopelessness and despair. Or simply give up, move on and feel a little bit pissed off with ourselves for quite a while… knowing that something that could have been a real gift and a gateway became something we resented quickly and assumed we just couldn’t do or enjoy.

We overran our first Better Bolder Braver Marketing Masterclass of 2022 with Vix Anderton. I lost track of time — because I was out of practice and because the chat was amazing. The timing wasn’t ideal. But it wasn’t the end of the world… in fact the result was great.

‘Bad’ marketing advice is an infinite resource! It feels as if there’s no end to messages such as, “You should be doing more marketing,” “You should be using Facebook Ads,” “You should be posting more on social media.” This is a trap that can be difficult to get out of. It’s easy to spend all your energy online simply keeping up with or trying to emulate what seems to be working for someone else. And don’t get me started on people selling this advice in a $97 online course! We’d like to offer a Better, Bolder, Braver idea: forget the ‘should’ and embrace what feels good and what works for you and your coaching business.

Can you create habits that make you happier? Do you have to be happy all of the time to tell if they’re working? What even is happiness? In the Marketing Masterclass, we were joined by John Ellison, founder of Happy Habits, to take a deep dive into the work of habit and happiness to learn more about how forming habits can help you work on discipline, find clarity in your aspirations and underlying feelings and make you appreciate happiness even more.

Most marketing advice for coaches doesn’t work. Why? Because the Holy Grail of traditional marketing strategies is the conversion. And as a coach, conversions are not what you’re chasing. So, how can you shift your marketing mindset? How do you wean yourself off the conversion drive and focus on creating opportunities for conversations instead? We have a few ideas…

We’ve launched the concept of the Better Bolder Braver Marketing Journey and in our Monday Masterclass session, we got deep into the first Chapter: Mindset. Learn why this is the first, and an important start to the marketing journey.

When you read about marketing your coaching business, it’s easy to feel bad for not doing enough. But instead of making you feel bad (not how we do things here!) I’d rather talk about marketing in a way that will excite and inspire you. So, as someone who wants to get the word out about their coaching services, what should you be doing?