This past week I have been posting a short 1 minute (ish) video on my social channel each week as part of a social media challenge. I wanted to collate these videos and share them here as I think they will resonate with you. They also serve as an example of 2 key principles to consider when making content. So here are 5 short marketing tips to watch while you have a coffee.

Ethical marketing is more than it might seem at first glance. Yes, it’s about creating conscious choices for your client. It’s also a powerful tool to change the way you think about and do marketing. When we started Better Bolder Braver we took The Ethical Move’s pledge and used the learnings from the movement, to underpin what we do, teach and mentor in our business. In this Monday Masterclass, we were joined by Alice Karolina, the founder of The Ethical Move, to talk about the evolution of their pledge into an intention. We covered a lot of topics and learnt a lot about accessibility, policies, rules and privilege. We have made clips of some of our favourite bits of the conversation, and we had a lot to choose from, you can watch a replay of the full conversation on Crowdcast.

Coaches may not think branding is something they necessarily need to think about, believing it’s only for bigger businesses. They might also assume they don’t have easy access to brand expertise. The opposite is true. In this week’s Monday Masterclass, we were joined by Martine Warburton the creator of the Better Bolder Braver brand and co-founder of Huskii Studio as we talked about why branding is both within reach and worthwhile and for coaches.

This week (Monday 19th July), we hosted the first episode of our Monday Masterclass sessions on ‘Why a Coaching Community Matters’ with Lucy Bramley. Using the Masterclass as inspiration, we’ve put together three reasons why a Coaching Community matters, and how it can be used to deepen your marketing practice:

We all know that the key to brilliant coaching is asking the right questions. The same can be said for marketing. But sometimes, the questions that we hear most often from coaches feel like cries for help… here are our top 3.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Rob Lawrence from the Association for Coaches Podcast for a brilliant two-parter episode on how to Boost your Coaching Business. Whether you’re feeling stagnant, looking for that extra bit of inspiration, or you want to change how you view marketing in light of your coaching business, give us a listen on all podcast platforms. 

As a business, you probably feel like you need to grow a huge online audience – the bigger, the better. This means you spend a lot of time and energy chasing more and more likes and followers. It’s exhausting. Have you stopped to think about how you turn these followers into customers? Or how many you really need? It’s not as many as you might think.

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