Changing the marketing conversation

Are you feeling that most marketing advice is simply not going to work for you? Are you fed up with hearing overhyped promises about “10x your income!” and “get 10,000 followers in just 10 days!”

We are too and that’s why our vision is to change the conversation around marketing.

Enough noise, hype and hustle. It’s time to switch it up and talk about ethical, empathetic human-centred marketing.

Frances & Simon

Why do we need this change?

With so much noise out there and users being bombarded with Ads at every possible moment, there is an ever declining attention span and apathy amongst ‘consumers’ for being sold to.

To counter this there is an ever-increasing number of coaches who want to connect with the clients they can deliver their work to, without wanting to ‘sell’ or be part of this social hype machine.

This presents an opportunity to do marketing differently, to think about the conversations you have with your customers in a different way.

What’s different?

With a combined 40 years of marketing experience, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t and we believe that you can have the best of both worlds. You can do marketing that feels authentic, energising and rewarding combined with marketing that brings you the clients who are ready to buy, recognise the value in what you do and are perfectly placed to get the most out of what you deliver.

We’ve also been inspired by the work of The Ethical Move and we have taken the pledge to do marketing in a more ethical way. We’re talking to fellow marketing coach Karen Webber in our Monday masterclass series all about it if you’d like to know more about it. 

We’re not going to sell you a $97 course that will 10x your income, but rather a process to work through that will empower you to use the skills you already have as part of your coaching practice and utilise them to deliver marketing in d different way.

That’s why we created Better Bolder Braver to hold a space for coaches who have the same mindset to connect, collaborate and grow. We’re also creating a training programme (launching at the end of the summer) that will guide you through the 6 stages of building a better coaching business. These are the 6 fundamentals of better marketing.


To begin, consider your value and the impact you deliver. Becoming clear on these will enable you to articulate what outcomes you deliver.


Next explore who your ideal client is, who can you deliver your outcomes and insights to the most effectively? This will help you find your niche and focus your marketing efforts.


Writing your own business story will combine empathy and authority in a way that resonates with, and piques the interest of your ideal client.


When you create or refine your coaching ‘product’ you make it more tangible for your client to understand. By using outcome-based pricing you can make an authentic offer to your client that they want to buy.


With a clear idea of your ideal client, a compelling story and an offer that your client want to buy you’ll find your voice, embrace your authority and overcome fears about putting yourself out there.


To turn these steps into ‘marketing’ create a client ‘journey’ that invites people to become clients, shows them the journey you take them on and makes clear the outcomes they want to achieve.

Frances & Simon

Join the conversation

If this has got you thinking about your marketing in a different way then join the community to carry on the conversation and to start work on building a better coaching business.

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