Coach’s Marketing Journey Course

Have you spent hundreds of hours watching YouTube videos and reading endless blogs to try and grow your coaching business?

Do you make long lists of to-dos that you keep putting off, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and disconnected?

Have you spent lots of time and money on marketing that hasn’t worked and has left you feeling deflated?

Have you created a programme that isn’t selling, that you keep having to discount massively to fill and feel stressed by in terms of running?

We understand. We know how frustrating it is going round and round in circles and worrying it can be to keep second guessing why you are doing things.

It’s time to try something different

Why is this different?

This marketing course is not like anything you’ve done before. It’s different because we approach marketing as you approach coaching.

We ask questions, get you thinking and guide you through a process in order to empower you to make marketing work for you in a way that fills you with joy and helps you find work-life balance.

Our invitation to you is to look at your marketing from a different perspective, shift your mindset from conversions to conversations, and work with us as we guide you through the Coach’ Marketing Journey.

Who is it for?

Whether you’re just starting your coaching business – or you’re a seasoned sage – we’ve created a marketing training course that will help you build a better coaching business. You can work through our clear six-step process at your own pace – giving you time to immerse in the learning and reflect on the feelings as you go. Think of this course like the textbook you buy once and refer back to for years to come.

By practising what you learn each week, moulding it into your marketing practice, you will:

  • Attract Better Clients

    …who see your value and are ready to pay for your service.

  • Build a Bolder Coaching Product

    …that makes you stand out from everyone else.

  • Become more confident about putting yourself out there

    … which makes creating content easier and enables you to have authentic meaningful marketing conversations.

Frances and Simon walking

How It Works

The Coach’s Marketing Journey

The 6-week training course will teach you the essential skills you need to build a better coaching business. The course guides you through the six chapters of The Coach’s Marketing Journey.

  • Mindset

    You’ll consider what your own values and limits are so that you can better articulate what value you deliver to others. Becoming clear on this, and your boundaries, will help you create a sustainable and nourishing marketing practice.

  • Client

    You’ll work on who your ideal client is, and who you can serve most effectively. This will help you find your niche and focus your marketing efforts.

  • Story

    You’ll consider how empathy, authority and journey work in telling your story and thus feel better about presenting it with confidence and relevance to your potential client.

  • Product

    You’ll create or refine your coaching ‘product’ – be it 121 client work or a course, consider how best to build it and deliver it, and use new outcome-based pricing skills to sell it.

  • Content

    With a clear idea of your ideal client, a compelling story and a product that your client wants to buy, you’ll find your voice, embrace your authority and overcome fears about putting yourself out there.

  • Journey

    To turn these steps into ‘marketing’ you’ll create a client ‘journey’ that invites people to become clients, shows them the journey you take them on and makes clear the outcomes you can help them to achieve.

Each chapter will take around 2 hours to work through, with each having multiple short lessons and exercises accompanied by worksheets, templates and guides. A new chapter is released each week and you can self-pace the learning to suit your schedule. There are 50 video lessons and exercises in the course and you can revisit these as many times as you like.

You’ll also join a dedicated group just for course members with whom you can discuss the content and exercises, get feedback and top up on inspiration and motivation. Also included are bi-weekly check0in sessions where Simon and Frances guide small groups of coaches through the chapters.

We’re here to guide you

Simon and Frances host bi-weekly check-in sessions to bring together coaches to work through the chapters together, providing accountability, motivation and opportunities for collaboration. Each session has 6 bi-weekly “check-in” sessions where you can bring questions, discuss ideas and reflect on how the process is emerging for you. This makes it a great group practice as well as a highly informative learning experience at an accessible price for all coaches, at any stage of the business-building and marketing journey.

Each session is an hour long and dedicated to a chapter on the Coach’s Marketing Journey, i.e. Session 1 is all about your Mindset, Session 2 is dedicated to Client and so on… We repeat the cycle 4 times a year, with each set of sessions spanning 12 weeks.

You will find that the ‘Spring you’ may approach the Content session quite differently to the ‘Winter you’, and the ‘Summer you’ may work through Journey in a very different way to the ‘Autumn you’. There is no obligation to attend all sessions in one sprint or all four of the cycles in one year. The benefit, though, is that – with the one-time course purchase – you are welcome to attend as many of these sessions as you like and will no doubt get something very meaningful out of any you are able to join.

The sessions are a great opportunity to work as a group, with other coaches on the Coach’s Marketing Journey. They provide you with the opportunity to immerse deeper with others in conversation – to reflect on the course content and exercises, to develop 121 relationships for accountability and perhaps even collaboration. They are designed to provide space for reflection, Q&A, discussion and confidence-building with others. They also allow us to continue to support you as you move forward.

Frances and Simon

2022 Check-in Session Dates

Session 1: Mindset – 11th January 10 am GMT

Session 2: Client – 25th January 10 am GMT

Session 3: Story – 8th February 10 am GMT

Session 4: Product – 22nd February 10 am GMT

Session 5: Content – 8th March 10 am GMT

Session 6: Journey – 22nd March 10 am GMT

All sessions are included in the course price. To get involved simply purchase the course any time before the first session and you will be automatically invited to the session.

There’s More…

Also included are these great benefits:

  • Mobile App and bespoke online platform through which you can watch the training sessions and interact with the group
  • Unlimited access to the training materials and videos for the duration of your Better Bolder Braver community membership
  • Invitations to all future check-in sessions
  • Access to all future lessons, materials and recordings added to the course
Association For Coaching CPD Hours Scheme

The course is accredited by the Association For Coaching CPD Hours Scheme. As an AC member, you will receive up to 16 hours of CPD credit for completing the course.

Start The Course

The chapters are released each week and the whole course will take 6 weeks to complete, although if you wish, you can take longer. You will have access to the course and growth group throughout your Better Bolder Braver community membership, so you can revisit the course materials as many times as you like.

This course is only available to members of our community. So, to access the course you must first become a member. You’ll get support, inspiration and motivation from the community as you progress through the course.

The course is priced at £450, $600, €575 and includes the check-in sessions.

To access the course and check-in sessions, join as a member – currently £20, $25, €25 per month – and you can then purchase the course.

If you’re serious about building a better coaching business and reclaiming control of your time and finances, join the training course today for instant access to the first chapter.

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3. Build a Better Coaching Business

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