Content Celebration!

Content Celebration

You know how it feels when you go up into the loft and find that box of childhood drawings, or actually stop to look at the framed photos on your mantle piece…

Over the Summer months (June to September), Simon and I have decided to ease off on producing more content and, instead, are enjoying looking back over the things that we had already produced, feeling satisfied putting the content in tidy themes and having fun repurposing it.

We have identified four themes that keep coming up in the material we put out that is intended to help coaches with their marketing:





… these are all features of doing good marketing. And they can bring with them these corresponding feelings / energies:

CREATIVITY – playfulness
SPEED / URGENCY – self-compassion
CLARITY / INTENTION – confidence

It has been very energising and  confidence-boosting to trail through our Blog and Website as well as our YouTube, Crowdcast and Podcast channels and be reminded of how much ‘stuff’ we already have out there and terribly satisfying to put it all into four tidy ‘boxes’. I found myself taking big deep breaths whilst doing this exercise and I felt really buoyant whilst doing it.

So… each month from June for four months, we are going to celebrate all of the content that we have produced that speaks to one of these four themes.

June will be all about FINDING / SEARCHING


August is about SPEED / URGENCY (well, more specifically, about slowing down and giving yourself a break…)

and September will be dedicated to CLARITY / INTENTION.

We feel that coaches need to be mindful of all four of these important themes in their marketing, and we support them in doing that…

We help you to employ more curiosity, playfulness, self-compassion and confidence in putting yourself out there and gifting your coaching service to the world. And we want to point you to all of the things that we ourselves have looked into, thought carefully about, played with, and are confident about sharing.

We feel passionately about helping you – the people helpers, and so this exercise has been not only about creating order but also, we hope, a useful guide for you.

We will dedicate a monthly Marketing Masterclass to each of our four Summer themes, with experts that we felt were authorities on either the technical or emotional aspects of them. Simon is also doing a ‘Watch, Read, Listen, Do’ repurposing exercise of getting some of our blog posts into videos, podcasts and social posts.

Now, let’s go down a Curiosity rabbit hole and think about WHO we (are wanting to) talk to…

Who are your ideal clients?
Who do you like to produce content for?
Who is listening?
Are YOU listening to them??

Here’s Simon and me talking all about identifying (so that you can FIND and speak to) your ideal client…

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