Do you need a brand as a coach?

Coaches may not think branding is something they necessarily need to think about, believing it’s only for bigger businesses. They might also assume they don’t have easy access to brand expertise. The opposite is true.

In this week’s Monday Masterclass, we were joined by Martine Warburton the creator of the Better Bolder Braver brand and co-founder of Huskii Studio as we talked about why branding is both within reach and worthwhile and for coaches.

Your brand is more than just your logo.

Martine explained why a brand “is more than just visuals – it’s “how you act, how you talk and how you look”. It’s what draws clients to you and it’s what they associate you with. And it builds trust. Just as we remember a face, we remember a brand.

Establishing a brand helps you show up consistently through your marketing. It allows you to talk confidently and convincingly about your method and the outcomes, feelings and insights you guide clients to. And consistency builds familiarity. A brand can help you to appear “joined-up” and coming from a place of authority.

Your brand is unique and reflects you and your values. It helps you stand out and be seen as different to other coaches. This enables you to more easily connect with the kind of people you want to work with – your ideal client.

We talked about how our brand offers visual “clues” about what it’s like to work with you and we were pleased to hear Martine describe Better Bolder Braver as “energetic” and “confident” – precisely how we want coaches to feel when working with us.

We discussed how coaches can start to think about their brands and Martine shared some great questions that she often asks clients, such as “how do you want your client to feel once they have worked with you”

We talked about ‘brand guidelines,’ which explain how to use a brand and we shared ours. Martine talked us through these, explained why each element is important and how they can be used when bringing your brand to life on your website, social media and in the content you create.

If you want to get clearer on your Ideal Client and the feelings and values you want your brand to evoke then the Mindset and Client Chapters in the Coach’s Marketing Journey course will guide you through this process with some exercises to get you thinking and help you articulate your thoughts.

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