Founding 50 Members

Building a community is hard. It can feel like an enormous amount of work, and like a big risk. That’s why we’re inviting 50 coaches to join us as pioneers and help us in building our community. We know we can’t do it alone.

We’ve spoken to a lot of coaches about their marketing, and we’ve heard the same stories time and time again. This has inspired us to create Better Bolder Braver with its vision being to empower coaches to regain control of their business and energy so that they can build a more balanced lifestyle. The wider impact of this will be that coaches can reach the people they can help most effectively, and have more energy to deliver their important work.

Frances and Simon co-founders of Better Bolder Braver

Marketing training and support – for coaches

With over 40 years of marketing experience between us, we know first hand how inauthentic ‘marketing advice’ can feel. We know that what works for yoga mats and consultants just isn’t going to work for a coach. That’s why we’re different. Our Empathy Led Marketing principle puts your client at the centre of your marketing and uses a human centered approach.

If you’re a coach who wants to grow their business, but feels like the marketing ‘tactics’ and ‘hacks’ out there just aren’t the right fit for you (or have already let you down) then our approach will be a breath of fresh air. 

We’re building something special

What we’re creating is more than just another Facebook Group (yawn). This is a place for passionate coaches who are growing their businesses, want to make a difference and don’t want to burn out.

When you join the Better Bolder Braver community, you’re becoming part of a vibrant and supportive coaching family. It’s a space to connect, collaborate and grow as a business owner and as a person.

You’ll meet other coaches with similar challenges, also on a marketing journey. You can ask questions, share stories and cheer each other on. It’s a place to make great new connections and partnerships and feel like you are not alone.

Frances and Simon 16

No more marketing tactics!

We’re also developing a “self-service” course – Build a Better Coaching Business. This 6 week training programme will teach you the essential skills you need to refine your offer, create more time for yourself and feel so much better about talking to people about the value of working with you.

To continue your journey we have also created an “Accelerator” programme. The Better Bolder Braver Accelerator is designed specifically for coaches who feel they are ‘at capacity’ or those feeling stuck by, disillusioned or fed up with marketing. It will empower you to reclaim control of your vision and be energised in your ‘pitch’.

In this 12 week programme, we will help you to transform the 6 key areas of your coaching business to attract Better clients, build a Bolder offer and be Braver with prices, planning and purpose. We support you all the way with group sessions and 1-2-1 implementation sessions. You’ll launch, build or refresh your business, create a clear plan to move forward but most importantly will develop compassion for yourself and, by the end of it, enjoy a healthier relationship with your marketing practice.. You’ll work on your confidence, your focus, your pride, your sense of humour and your ability to evaluate what you offer and the impact you make.

As this video shows, it only takes one other person to join that first person dancing for the party to start. The bravest people are the first few to join, they see something they like the look of and get involved. In a way, we’re dancing in a field right now and we’d love you to don your festival finest and join us.

Becoming a Founding 50 Member means you resonate with what we’re trying to do and you want to help us make this exciting journey happen for the coaching community. The first 50 Members will receive a lifetime membership rate of $25 per month. After that, the rate will become $35 per month. We will also be giving you priority access to – and a discounted rate for – the Build a Better Coaching Business self-service course when it launches later this year.

Our Marketing hero, Seth Godin, says that to attract clients to your business you need to show them that “People like us do things like this” and that’s what we’re doing here.

Let’s Go On This Journey Together

Access our content, courses, groups, workshops and events and meet other, like-minded coaches.

This is more than just training and it’s far better than a Facebook group. This is the community that will empower you to become Better, Bolder and Braver.

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