Happiness as a niche with Carlos Saba

Many coaches say they don’t need to niche; some say they already have (but secretly haven’t): and others are clear and focused already on their niche audience.

If niching is about a target audience rather than a method, approach to coaching or outcome, then how can HAPPINESS be a niche??

This is what we discussed with Carlos, co-founder of The Happy Startup School. He explained why he feels Happiness is his niche and what that means for their business. He talked us through the journey of arriving at that niche and what motivates it. He explained how it acts as a magnet and a filter, attracting those who are drawn to the idea of happiness. But it also acts as a filter removing those who are wanting something that they don’t deliver. Frances reflected that is why she feels that happiness united the people that Carlos and his co-founder, Laurence, attract… people who have happiness at the heart of their business planning and purpose. So – for us – this does qualify Happiness as a good example of a true niche audience segmentation as opposed to an outcome delivered or a method or approach to coaching, albeit that it  is indeed wrapped up in The Happy Startup School’s approach.

Carlos told us about his journey to finding the niche of happiness rather than that being his starting point. He explained that this has meant a slower, more winding journey, to where he and Laurence are now, but one that has ended up in a happy place. We agreed that from understanding your niche audience, and ensuring that it means the people who you really want to work with, you can build a business that is energising and rewarding.

Carlos shared how it is tempting sometimes to follow the finances and say yes when big money is offered from people who are the wrong fit. But this short win is overshadowed by the realisation that these people just aren’t right and can start to really hold you back.

Carlos Saba

We then discussed how, although Carlos felt he was ‘no good at marketing’, he has in fact been doing the kind of marketing that builds trust and feels good. We discussed what good marketing looks and feels like compared to what we’re often told is good marketing and we agreed that if you can focus your marketing on building trust and raising the awareness of your ideal client then marketing doesn’t feel like marketing at all and can be very happy making!

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