How you can work with Frances

We’re often asked questions like, “how can I work with you?” and “do you offer 1-2-1 sessions?”. So, we have created this page to explain.

We want to serve as wide an audience of coaches as possible and so you can work with us in a number of different ways…

Starting Point

We recommend you start by checking out our free content, which is filled with tips, tools, inspiration and thought-provoking questions. Everything we put out there is created for – and tailored specifically to – coaches, who want to work on their marketing and grow their coaching business.

Here is where you’ll find our free stuff:





Weekly LIVE ‘Marketing Masterclass’ conversations



You can also download the Coach’s Marketing Plan which will empower you to work on all the essential areas of your marketing and make a plan that you’ll actually use.

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Continue the Conversation

To learn more about the concepts we discuss, we invite you to read about our three key ‘concepts’:

  1. The Coach’s Marketing Journey
  2. The Journey of Consciousness
  3. Empathic Attraction

One of the main things we hear from coaches is that they don’t have anyone else to speak to or share with the challenges, wins, feelings and ideas. That’s why we have created the Better Bolder Braver community for coaches who are on a similar journey to you. You can ask questions, share reflections and stories with our growing network – it’s a great opportunity to make great new connections and even establish partnerships and you’ll feel better being a part of it. To see what our community members say, check out our Instagram, where you’ll find a number of testimonials like this one from Garry.

Better Bolder Braver Community Members

Start the Journey

Whether you’re just starting your coaching business – or you’re a seasoned sage – we’ve created The Coach’s Marketing Journey course, which will really help you build a better coaching business. Think of it like the textbook you buy once and refer back to for years to come.

You can work through our clear six-step process at your own pace – giving you time to immerse in the learning and reflect on the feelings as you go. The result will be that you are both more clued up on the technicalities of marketing and more confident about your own abilities to put yourself out there in a way that is true to you and will make you stand out from the crowd.

You’ll also join a dedicated group just for course members with whom you can discuss the content and exercises, get feedback and top up on inspiration and motivation. Also included are bi-weekly check-in sessions where Frances guides small groups of coaches through the chapters.

The course is accredited by the Association For Coaching CPD Hours Scheme. As an AC member, you will receive up to 32 hours of CPD credit for completing our course.

This course is only available to members of our community. So, to access the course you must first become a Better Bolder Braver member. You’ll get support, inspiration and motivation from us both and other community members as you progress through the course, as well as having access to the wider community benefits.

The Coach’s Marketing Journey

Journey Onwards

Our 1-2-1 sessions are designed to work on a specific area of your marketing that needs some extra attention and are an opportunity for you to dedicate some space and time to emergent thinking, reflection and confidence-building around your marketing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a 1-2-1 with you?

Yes you can. Learn more and book your 1-2-1 sessions.

Do you offer 1-2-1 sessions for businesses?

We do offer bespoke 1-2-1 packages for groups or collectives of coaches who have a specific area, transition, project or marketing conundrum they would like to work on. Please book a call with us if you would like to discuss this further.

Can you do my marketing for me?

Both of us have twenty years’ of marketing experience behind us and we’ve moved on from offering “marketing services” in the traditional sense. Rather than get involved with the delivery side of marketing, what we offer you is a way to build marketing into your coaching practice so that you are able to do it yourself in a manageable, satisfying, cost-effective and sustainable way.

We have a box full of great tools that can make some of the technical or repetitive tasks easier and even automated. You’ll learn all about how and when to use them in our Tips & Tricks season in the community and as part of the Coach’s Marketing Journey course.

You can also download the Coach’s Marketing Plan which will empower you to work on all the essential areas of your marketing and make a plan that you’ll actually use.

We also stand out because we offer space for you to reflect on how your marketing is making you feel – we stand out in the market in this regard – no other coaching body or marketing service offers anything like this, or focusses specifically on how closely aligned being a coach can be to doing good marketing.

Do you deliver marketing plans?

Yes, You can also download the Coach’s Marketing Plan which will empower you to work on all the essential areas of your marketing and make a plan that you’ll actually use. We discourage coaches from feeling they need to create huge marketing plans or a ‘year-long strategies’. We don’t think it is helpful to waste time doing loads of planning instead of doing – and living – your marketing. What we believe is that you can make a simple plan and then focus your time on creating content, often spontaneously, that will take your ideal client on a journey of consciousness, and that this is part of a sustainable business practice that works in mind of your own personal values, boundaries and areas of joy. You don’t need a detailed day-by-day plan but rather a simple 1-page plan that sets out the pathway to follow and a mindset to embrace the emergence of creativity and new ideas along the way. You will learn all about this as part of the Coach’s Marketing Journey course.

Can you recommend someone to do my marketing for me?

We have an extensive network of folk that we like to call our “marketing family” – and, in theory, yes we could. But … we don’t think you really need someone to “do it for you”. If you feel you do, we’d rather help you work on your Mindset, Niching and Content, all of which should excite you rather than drain you. We’ve got a bank of stories we could tell you about how easy it is to waste money and time on marketing and we are on a mission to cut through the toxic noise out there masked as marketing advice for coaches. Instead, we want to help you feel more confident about what is needed to put yourself out there, see through the bullshit and not feel alone.

There are aspects of marketing where extra help can certainly be very useful – for example copywriting, branding, photography and video production to name a few. You may also like to use an assistant to do the ‘posting’ for you. But learning to do it yourself will mean that your marketing ‘flavour’ won’t lose a true sense of YOU. As a coach, it’s really important that you build trust with a potential client, and your marketing is a great place for you to do this. As a coach, you are wonderfully well placed to do marketing – so enjoy it!.. And show your potential clients what you are made of.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your marketing then we would recommend getting the essentials sorted before you go looking for help. Once you are clear on what is important, then you’ll be better placed to get the support you actually need.

You can learn all about this as part of the Coach’s Marketing Journey Self-Service Course and as a community member we will happily chat to you about any additional support we think might help, if any!

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