How do I get coaching clients fast?

Every coach has been there – especially when you’re just starting out: you need clients, and the quicker the better. At least, that’s how it feels.

So, how do you attract people to work with you?

You could use Facebook or Google Ads to put your offer in front of a wide audience in the hope that they feel like signing up for some coaching. You could pay someone to send lots of LinkedIn messages on your behalf and hope that of the 1-2% of people who reply, at least some decide to click ‘buy’.

There’s no shortage of quick ways to advertise. Although it will cost you money before you make any money – catch-22.

So is there another way of attracting coaching clients without spending money on Ads? Yes there is; let’s take a look…


Getting people’s attention doesn’t make them clients

Ads may get your name and offer in front of a lot of people but if they’re not ready to buy, they won’t.

If somebody’s scrolling through Instagram or TikTok, it’s unlikely that they’re doing so in search of a coach who can help them improve their lives. Nor is it likely they’re sitting, credit card in hand, ready to pay hundreds (or thousands) of pounds for your coaching sessions.

Ads are great at getting people’s attention, but attention doesn’t mean a sale. That depends on whether the person is ready for what you’re offering.

Are Ads the best thing to get clients fast? I don’t believe so.

Offer them more than your name and a price

People don’t commit to coaching until they’re ready. What makes them ready? Understanding.

Understanding what coaching is, understanding their own situation, and understanding how coaching can support them to change.

Yes, some people will buy on spec. That puts money in your pocket, which may be important. But it rarely gives you a client ready, willing and able to do the work…

If you want people to go from not knowing about coaching to being ready for coaching, they will need to consider, contextualise and understand what coaching will do for them – before they commit.

Your marketing, and any Ads you decide to pay for, should be signposts to new information, new perspectives… illustrating how where they are now is connected to where they want to be, and how coaching can bridge the gap.

Getting clients is about empowering them to make an informed decision and buy with confidence.

Move your marketing from conversions to conversations

To answer the original question…

…Don’t just focus on getting clients fast. Make sure they’re also the right clients, the ready clients.

  • Show them what working with you looks and feels like
  • Empathise with where they are now, and where they want to get to.
  • Keep your offer simple, and give them a clear first step to take.

But… Can’t I use some Ads?

Yes, of course. You can use Ads as part of your marketing strategy. But instead of using Ads to say, Click here to sign up to my coaching programme, use them to prompt thought, to move people along the journey to being ready to start the coaching process.

Use your Ads to get people to reflect on their own situation. Get them thinking… pose a question, spark an idea, and then invite them to learn more.

Focus on conversations, not conversions

Instead of being tempted to use Ads as a shortcut to a bulging client list, find out where your potential clients are – the social channels, groups and places where they spend their time – and be there with them.

Share ideas and concepts, add value to their conversations, and invite those who engage to find out more.

Then, offer them more.

If you want to get some support with attracting new coaching clients, then we have a coaching-specific marketing course that will walk you through the essential steps you need to get these conversations started.

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