When time is so precious, clever marketing is about recycling your content.

If you have been inspired to post something somewhere, there is nothing whatsoever wrong in re-posting it on other channels. The key is understanding the channel and moulding your content for that platform.

Things that you can do to make best use of the platform

  • Tag specific people using that platform, who you’d like to see / react to your post
  • Include (more) images (for example, esp. on Instagram)
  • React to someone else’s post on that platform with your content
  • Simply share the content via the platform’s own share functions — this is the easiest way!
  • Don’t forget to Hyperlink content you’ve pulled from elsewhere — credit authors by tagging them. They will hopefully re-share your content.

If your memory is at the normal, human level then you might not remember what you’ve seen somewhere, but which — when you see it — you know you will want to re-purpose to drive home your message at another time. The fabulous Linkedin expert, Laura Fox offers this excellent bonus tip about saving content for later:

“You can also save the post to review later, which I do a lot! It’s also a good way to store up content you might want to post at a later date”


Are you feeling paranoid that people will see the posts across a number of platforms?… Let’s turn that feeling on its head:

If you were to see someone doing something frequently, would you think they were boring and un-resourceful, or would you unconsciously (and indeed consciously) become familiar with their schtick / tone of voice / ideas and be more inclined to follow them on your platform of choice so as not to miss out? The likely answer is the latter.

Are you nervous that spreading the message widely will water down the reaction volume on each platform? This is an interesting one, and makes you focus on why you are putting out content. Is it to get a lot of likes? If so, then I get it. There’s power in following the herd. However, if you are at risk of cutting off your nose to spite your face because you might then not post brilliant content on another channel, then I think you should not do that.

There is a massive difference between niching (I’ll definitely talk more about this at some point as it is KEY.) and being in more than one place at one time. That said, there is NO PRESSURE to be on every channel. Some might even say that you should choose one or two to feel at home on as opposed to trying to post everywhere. I would.

The drive to get likes is a very interesting psychological thing, which begs thought, honesty and deconstruction. Happy to talk this through with you if this is something that you battle with, i.e. SCIENCE QUESTION: do more likes create traction? EMOTION QUESTION: Why do I feel great/rubbish when I don’t get lots of interaction?

In conclusion, if you have a great idea and, for example, write a post on Linkedin, just think about whether you can then double up and post the same content elsewhere, albeit with less words, more pictures or a different tone of voice.

Do you get me?

Feel free to play around with this. It should be fun and creative, not scary. Hopefully like the image I made for this post.

But if you are scared, don’t worry either. That’s natural.

If you want to talk to me more about feeling scared about re-hashing marketing content, please get in touch!

And, please share this with anyone that you think could more widely share their brilliant ideas.

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