How to turn your coaching method into an online course

Are you keen to deliver an online coaching course? Do you feel that you have a unique approach to coaching that you want to share? Do you want to be able to offer coaching to more than one person at once? Do you want to take people on a unique, clear coaching journey?

Maybe you are sitting on a load of content that you have no idea how to package as a course or how to host, price or market it. Perhaps you’ve already created a programme but it isn’t selling…

We understand. We know how frustrating it is going round and round in circles and worrying it can be to keep second-guessing why you are doing things.

We know this because we have just launched our own online course. The Better Bolder Braver Marketing Journey. Whether you’re just starting your coaching business – or you’re a seasoned sage – we’ve created a “Self-Service” training course that will help you build a better coaching business. The course will guide you week-by-week through our 6 step process, giving you time to implement as you go.

In our Monday Masterclass, we take you on a behind the scenes tour of what it was like for us to build our own course. We wanted to provide coaches with a “warts and all” overview (or underview?!) of the ins and outs of conjuring up, building, packing, shipping and marketing an online video course and to ask yourselves why would you even want to do this?

We started off the conversation by highlighting what making an online course is not about. We showed how a lot of “expert advice”, courses and programmes are in fact just telling you more about how the host is making a lot of money by telling people about how much money they make, and don’t really offer any useful or practical knowledge. This is what Simon calls ‘selling magic beans’.

We then spoke about how you can identify a good online course, one that is being open about the course contents, outcomes and method. This builds trust and shows a deep understanding of the host to really teach you about what you want to know. As a coach, it is important to build trust before you try and make any kind of sale or offer. This is why it is important to be transparent about your method. The thinking goes that you should give away your ideas and then charge for implementation because this is where you really add value and can deliver your best work.

Simon then explained the process we went through to break down the different sections of our method into smaller prompts, questions and exercises. They explained how splitting your method sections into work that will take the client around 1-2 hours will make the course manageable and achievable. It also makes it more manageable to write, film and deliver because you’re not trying to deliver everything you know but a concise and engaging version of it that can be digested by your client.

There were then questions from the audience around how much support to give people on your course, how to film the videos and fit this in around your work schedule. To see the answers watch the replay from 23 minutes in.

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