Journey: The Sixth Chapter in The Better Bolder Braver Marketing Journey

When coaches try to attract new clients they often talk too much about the wrong things. What seems important, relevant and obvious to coaches is often not what the client is ready, or wanting, to engage with. This is why marketing can feel ‘salesey’ or like a lot of hard work.

A simple shift from selling what you do to telling people what you do can make your marketing more effective and a lot easier.

In the sixth chapter of The Better Bolder Braver Marketing Journey, we discussed how to take your customer on a journey that makes sense to them, filter out the clients who aren’t the right fit and bring you coaching clients who are ready to buy.

5 Levels of Awareness

Diagram showing The Journey of Consciousness - 5 levels of client awareness

We began the conversation by examining how a client progresses through the 5 levels of awareness. The 5 levels are:

Unaware: A person doesn’t know they have a problem, or can’t yet see the opportunity for change, and it can take a lot of time, energy and effort to move them to the next level.

Problem Aware: A person knows they have a problem, or can see an opportunity for change but doesn’t know there are solutions to the outcome they have identified.

Solution Aware: A person knows there are solutions, but hasn’t chosen one, and doesn’t know about your product.

Product Aware: A person knows about your product, but isn’t totally sure it will solve their problem or support them in the change they want to make.

Most Aware: A person knows a lot about your product. They are on the cusp of buying but need to know the specifics.

Most marketing advice, and most marketing content for that matter, tries to take the client from unaware to product aware in one post, video or blog. With years of experience, research and understanding it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that when choosing a coach to work with clients don’t want, or have the capacity, to move through this journey quickly.

Creating Tension

Creates tension (in a good way)

We then explored how by making content focusing on each awareness stage you can create tension. This tension is good as it fosters curiosity and motivates the clients who want to make a change to work through the process at their own pace. Learning more about the problem, solution and your method.

If you try and resolve the tension in a single post then you leave the client nowhere to go next. By signposting them to the content you have at the next awareness level you encourage them to explore and learn more. This empowers them to make an informed decision and choose a coach that is right for them.

Don’t skip to the end

We concluded by reminding everyone that as tempting as it is to talk about your new exciting shiny coaching product you have to resist overwhelming the client with details of a product that they don’t even know they need (or want!).

If you create a client journey that educates, engages and empowers your ideal client you will attract clients who want to and are ready to, make a change. They will believe in your method and that is it the right fit. Most importantly they will trust you to guide them to where they want to be.

Better Bolder Braver Co-Founders Frances and Simon

Your Journey

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