Launching The Coach’s Marketing Journey

When we created the Better Bolder Braver community, we wanted to change the marketing conversation and show coaches that they already have the practical skills and emotional intelligence they need to do good marketing.

We believe that with a simple mindset shift in focus from ‘conversions’ to ‘conversations’, coaches can do ethical, engaging and effective marketing, propelling their businesses forward in a sustainable way, whilst feeling grounded, confident and energised.

When speaking with coaches, we find they’re frequently feeling overwhelmed by all of the – often toxic – marketing advice out there, disillusioned by the focus on slimy sales tactics and an obsession with closing the sale. Most marketing advice just isn’t right for coaches. It feels uncomfortable, unethical and completely disconnected from the feelings and emotions that coaches are working with.

We also understand that being a self-employed coach can be a lonely place without someone to share your ideas and reflections with, who also understands what it’s like to run a coaching business. And whilst supervision is a fantastic space to reflect on your coaching approach, there is no dedicated space out there designed to support coaches specifically with using their coaching skills to grow their businesses.

We’ve seen coaches spending enormous amounts of money and time trying to get their marketing to work, but often finding they get little or no results. This is not only a waste of time and money, but also takes a significant emotional toll, making you feel less confident about the services that you are providing and less inclined to keep going.

Frances and Simon co-founders of Better Bolder Braver

From our 40 years of combined marketing experience across the corporate, charity, agency, government and tech sectors – and with a particular interest in the culture, psychology and ethics of communication, we created the Coaches’ Marketing Journey – a six-step process that teaches coaches what we believe are the essential skills you need to build a better coaching business. And it’s not all about the marketing… like many coaches, we understand that sometimes the things you need to do in order to get the outcome you want isn’t all about the obvious. Our approach to better marketing encourages coaches to spend time working on themselves – on mindset, story, self-awareness and self-compassion – in order to work more rewardingly on their coaching business.

The journey guides coaches through clear, tangible steps…. creating a standout coaching product designed for your ideal client, compelling content that can be re-purposed across a variety of media channels and platforms, and developing storytelling abilities to signpost people to you and let them know that you are the right coach for them. Intertwined in the Journey is our principle of the ‘Journey of Consciousness’, which empowers you to compassionately guide your ideal client through five levels of awareness, turning your marketing from feeling like selling to helping people you are best placed to serve to learn about, find, purchase and get the most out of your service – what they need.

In order to get marketing working, we believe coaches need to move beyond just switching to different tactics or copying what other coaches are doing. We believe there’s more to marketing than just churning out endless amounts of content and hoping that some of it sticks. We know that coaches are busy, so we want to make marketing fun, confidence-building and most of all, effective.

Our human-centered, empathic approach turns ‘selling’ into meaningful and authentic conversations with your clients, as you invite them on a journey to becoming a client.

The Coach’s Marketing Journey

If you want to work in a structured way on building a better coaching business, feel like some inspiration and support is what is required and are looking for the right marketing support for you, then the Coach’s Marketing Journey course is, we believe, has just what you want.

Over six weeks, you will be sign-posted step-by-step through the six chapters of the Coaches’ Marketing Journey, which you can then work through at your own pace to fit your schedule, energy and flow. You can go back, re-visit, take your time, see what comes up… and feel excited to move forward.

As you work through the chapters, you will create a coaching business that puts you in control of your time, energy and finances but most importantly makes you feel more confident about putting yourself out there, and enjoy it!

You’ll also join our community of brave, visionary coaches – like-minded people on a similar journey. You’ll be able to share ideas and reflect with each other about how marketing is making you feel and feel supported, inspired and energised to keep going.

Become a community member and purchase access to the course today.

We believe that, by working through the six chapters of the marketing journey, you will change your marketing mindset and incorporate a healthier approach to marketing into your daily practice. You’ll grow as a person and take your important coaching work to a wider audience.

Ellie Lloyd-Jones described joining the Better Bolder Braver community as having been:

Ellie Lloyd-Jones

Ellie Lloyd-Jones Leadership Coach and Better Bolder Braver Community Member

“the best investment I have made in my coaching business. Marketing is not something I find easy – as a coach it’s my job to listen to others, not put the focus on me – so I have struggled to market in a way that feels natural and aligned to me. Since joining the community it has not only helped my marketing but I have developed my business strategy, worked on my mindset, built my confidence and learnt new skills. What I also gained and didn’t expect was to connect with so many like minded, generous and talented people. I feel safe and supported as I reflect on the challenges of marketing my business and I am increasingly finding that I am enjoying it so much it doesn’t even feel like marketing! It challenges my thinking and helps to nurture my ideas, which gives me strength and confidence. I cannot believe the difference in my confidence in just a few short months.”

We hope you will join us for the ride.

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