Leading Communication with Ellie Lloyd Jones

Ellie coaches new leaders. That’s leaders who are new to their role. Or perhaps they are new to an approach or an experience, or a vision? Ellie is more than qualified to help them all…

For many coaches, it is important always to have other things on the boil — for learning, self-preservation, inspiration and colour.

Ellie is one of our “founding” community members, and one of our most well-loved cheerleadersTalking to Ellie on our Marketing Masterclass about ‘leading communication’ meant we covered off a lot of ground…

  • Love Languages (words of appreciation, acts of service, physical affection, quality time and physical act of giving a gift) and how they can (and can’t!) show up in your marketing, coaching and leadership.
  • … and Networking, and how it works well for Ellie given who she is and what energises her.
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