Like who you will become you will

Two stormtroopers holding and egg that says like who you will become you will

Effective marketers have the courage to create tension. Some actively seek out this tension, because it works. It pushes those you serve over the chasm to the other side.

… says Seth Godin, in his treasure trove of a book for the human-led marketer, ‘This is Marketing’.

As a coach, do you see yourself as a courageous pusher of tension? How can your marketing support you in this mission? How do you use your marketing to support the approach you take to your coaching?

Rather than viewing marketing as a sales tool, it is possible to allow it to work to underpin and echo your coaching approach – let it be filled with the questions you put to your clients. Let it help you to curate your customer base so that you are working with those best placed to let you do your best.

Your marketing is your heart on a sleeve.

Seth says,

If you care enough about the change you seek to make, you will care enough to generously and respectfully create tension on behalf of that change.

Invite those you wish to serve to engage with you through your marketing in a way that will make them feel bold and brave in turn.

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