Marketing as a feeling: our feature on Association for Coaches Podcast

Podcast Frances Khalastchi and Simon Batchelar Social

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know we champion marketing as a conversation and a feeling that your values align with your intentions. We had the pleasure of speaking with Rob Lawrence from the Association for Coaching Podcast for a brilliant two-parter episode on how to Boost your Coaching Business. For our first feature, episode #41, we chat about a number of topics including imposter syndrome, marketing as a mindset shift and how to get clearer on your goals for Bolder action and decision-making. Whether you’re feeling stagnant, looking for that extra bit of inspiration, or you want to change how you view marketing in light of your coaching business, give us a listen on all podcast platforms.

As Frances says in this episode, “We’re inviting coaches to put a mirror up to discover what they’re feeling and the outcome they’re striving to make.” The question shouldn’t be about what you’re selling, but about the process of achieving the end goal and what feelings come up for you.

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