How do I do marketing to businesses as a coach?

In the world of business coaching, ethical marketing isn’t just a good practice – it’s the bedrock of building lasting relationships and trust with clients.

With over two decades of experience in Corporate, Third Sector, Startup, and Government communications, I have learned that in the business world, an ethical approach values collaboration, transparency, and genuine impact.

In the world of business coaching, ethical marketing isn’t just a good practice – it’s the bedrock of building lasting relationships and trust with clients.

Business to Business (B2B) vs. Business to Customer (B2C) marketing

The B2B landscape dances to a different beat, focusing on logic, value propositions (and with them what some call ‘Corporatese’ – a professional language that we are well placed to adopt when doing B2B. (I’m actually trying to model it for you with this blog post… see what I did there?!), and long-term partnerships rather than flashy slogans and emotional appeals.

Here are my ‘Top Ten Tips’ for marketing to businesses as a coach

  • Trust: The B2B Currency

Confidently showcasing your track record, expertise, and the tangible benefits you bring to businesses is the gospel truth.

  • Tailored Messaging for Decision Makers

Forget generic marketing blasts – B2B marketing requires precision. Speak the language of decision-makers who are laser-focused on challenges, results, and ROI.

  • Find Your Niche

Ditch the one-size-fits-all approach. Be the trusted expert in a specific industry or leadership challenge.

  • Forge Strategic Partnerships

Align with complementary businesses. It’s a win-win: you reach relevant audiences, they expand their offerings.

  • Offer Exclusive Packages

Craft limited-edition coaching packages for high-level executives, delivering personalized attention and premium solutions.

  • Master “Omnichannel” Magic

Mix IRL workshops with online coaching programs to cater to busy schedules while leveraging technology for broader reach.

  • Be a Long-Term Partner

Offer ongoing support, mentorship, and results tracking. Be the go-to advisor for the businesses in your sector.

  • Speak Fluent “C-suite” (worth mentioning twice)

Ditch buzzwords and fluffy promises. Understand business challenges and speak the language of the C-suite.

  • Show Me the Data

Track, measure, and showcase the impact of your coaching with UK-specific ROI reports, testimonials, and case studies.

  • Embrace Collaboration

Partner with other coaches or thought leaders to create a holistic ecosystem of support for businesses. And on that note…

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Join the Better Bolder Braver revolution…

Surround yourself with like-minded coaches who support your growth and celebrate your victories:

B2B marketing is a marvellous marathon, not a sprint. Build trust, deliver measurable impact, and become the go-to partner for businesses seeking sustainable growth.

My passion for helping coaches master the marketing game led to the creation of the Better Bolder Braver community. Here, we acknowledge and address the emotional rollercoaster that marketing can be, leveraging self-awareness to boost confidence and visibility. It’s about facing the fear of putting yourself out there, head-on, with the support of a like-minded UK tribe.

Better Bolder Braver encourages coaches to face the emotional challenges that marketing evokes – imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and the pressure to get it all right. By acknowledging these challenges, we can move beyond them and develop a more authentic and effective approach.

The community’s unique strength lies in harnessing the power of self-awareness. Coaches learn not only to understand their unique strengths and weaknesses but also to leverage this knowledge to tailor their marketing strategies for maximum impact.

Ultimately, Better Bolder Braver empowers coaches to feel confident about putting themselves out there. 

Join the Better Bolder Braver community and learn how to help businesses look after their people while designing a coaching business that leads to sustainable success for YOU!

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