Mindset: The First Step on the Better Bolder Braver Marketing Journey

We’ve launched the concept of the Better Bolder Braver Marketing Journey and in our Monday Masterclass session got deep into the first Chapter: Mindset. You can listen to this introduction to the Journey – and in some detail about the work we do around ‘Mindset’ – here.

Our listeners said:

“Thank you for another great session, which I have just watched on catch up. I really like the idea of defining limitations to be able to champion what you are good at… “Being able to talk about your own values and how you can relate your value to them.”

Lucinda E, Better Bolder Braver community member

“Really enjoyed this session. Lots to think about in terms of values and value – our perceptions and then projections of these. So insightful to think about limits too … Great for level set and scope of work. Thank you, really looking forward to the other legs of this journey.”

Lucy B, Better Bolder Braver community member

For us, mindset is about clarity – about your values and limits and therefore what value you offer to others.

Asking yourself what your values are – and what your value is – are big questions, probably the biggest ones… Value to you, value to another person, value to the world? This can get existential quite quickly. So we encourage coaches at this stage to activate their self-compassion.

We think you can only truly recognise and appreciate what effect you can have on your clients’ lives by knowing your own limits. And we feel strongly about only offering to give to others what in turn reflects our own values system.

Our work around mindset firstly serves to get clear about our “Why”. But in turn, it helps us to feel more confident about talking about the outcomes, results and insights you can serve to those who work with you, ie. to do good marketing, for it is one thing to identify our values to ourselves, and it’s another thing to talk about it with others.

The other thing we tackle in our Mindset chapter is how to avoid what we call the ‘Comparison Trap’. We think it’s best to get out there what we’re not so good at so that we can get comfortable talking about what we are good at – we’re taught from a young age to be modest, self-deprecating and vague about how we’re special. So, we need to address this in order to be able to proudly talk to others in a clear, focused, and confident way about why we’re unique and the right person for them to work with. That said, the other elephant in the room is not that we have flaws and limits – it’s that we think we’re not allowed to talk about those either. But, once we start to see how personal and specific our limits are – and therefore how personal and specific our strengths are (and combine this with the value set that we have for ourselves), the less inclined we are to get into a comparison trap with others and the clearer we are about our unique value to others.

We help our community members to create safe boundaries for themselves – to explore all of the above, but also in terms of what they want to put out there into the world in order that they can come across authentically and create resonance with their audience – their potential clients – without feeling that they have to “overshare” or be too vulnerable in their marketing.

We talk about a a ‘Limits Compass’, the directions of which are: Practical, Emotional, Time and Interest.

Limist Compass

In our Mindset work, we encourage coaches to really focus on what their own limits are, so that they can get more confident about articulating what their strengths are, which leads them to be able to refine their message around what value they can truly and truthfully offer.

Mindset is about framing. We encourage you to think about your limitations so that you can better articulate your strengths. We also invite you to consider re-framing from a place of “I won’t do this”, “I should do this” and “I need to do this” to “I want to do this”, “I like doing this” and “This is going to be fun / interesting /informative / useful”.

I can't do this I won't do this I should do this

Being a Better Bolder Braver community member is all about getting clearer about what ‘value’ means to you, what ‘values’ you live by and what value you can serve to others… in order that you can talk clearly and confidently about this to the world: It’s about respecting marketing as a tool for self-awareness and a source of hope and excitement.

Mindset is the first in six chapters on the Better Bolder Braver Journey, at the end of which you will feel more confident, not only in knowing yourself better and what your value is and to who, but also in talking about this to others. Sometimes that requires us to understand our limits. That’s why we provide a safe space in our community in which to explore all this and work alongside others to get clear and to practice putting ourselves out there.

Please do join the conversation about The Better Bolder Braver Marketing Journey – Chapter 2. Client live on Mon, 6th September, 2021 at 12:30pm BST, where we will dive deeper into everyone’s favourite coaching / marketing topic… NICHING! Our ethos is…

If you’re going to use marketing to attract people to you, you might as well attract people you actually want to work with. In other words, people who you want as clients. Identifying your ideal client, and therefore settling on a niche, allows you to talk more authentically to a focused audience. Knowing who your ideal client is, and being able to niche, leads to good conversations, healthier client relationships, better boundaries and more energy to work more. Or indeed less.

You can also check out the second episode of the Association for Coaches’ podcast that features us talking about knowing your ideal customer, niching and more and please bring your own relationship with niching to the discussion so that we can help you turn your perceptions on their heads!

You can join us in the Better Bolder Braver community today to:

  • identify your values
  • think about your client’s needs
  • work out what your story is
  • settle on a product
  • think about your offering and price
  • have fun with your content


  • set the scene for your client’s journey

The time you will create just by removing some of the worry about all of this will help you to build up a client base that you love, charge your worth and create a more spacious and enjoyable coaching practice.

If this blog has got you thinking then you can watch the next 5 chapters in the marketing journey on our Crowdcast page. Learn more and join our community of coaches.

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