Podcasting for Coaches with Rob Lawrence

A lot of coaches have a podcast. Even more, say they want to start one! This week in our Monday Masterclass we spoke to podcast producer and coach Rob Lawrence about what makes podcasting such a powerful marketing, and self-development, tool.

Our conversation is live-streamed using a service called Crowdcast, this week Simon was stuck in Manchester (which wasn’t a bad thing, just unexpected) and as such was not in their studio. They had some technical difficulties with the video, which led us to discuss the differences between conversations that are being filmed and those that are recorded with just audio.

In the spirit of emergence we switched off the video and ‘went dark’ into the intimate world of audio.

Rob started off by sharing how he feels that podcasting is the most honest medium, as listening to a voice makes the brain concentrate and engage in a way it doesn’t with video. He explained the benefits of this for both the speaker and the listener, and how sound moves you and triggers your imagination in a way that doesn’t happen with reading.

Simon shared how some coaches put off starting their podcast by setting the bar too high for themselves, when in fact a simple conversation that you put out there is enough to get started. They also shared how in creating a back catalogue of episodes you can start to provide answers for questions that you get asked a lot to share with people. This gives your ideal client a way to experience you articulating your thoughts and ideas and builds trust with them.

Frances shared how there is generosity in emergence with both listening to and sharing ideas and conversations. She explored how the vulnerability and authenticity of sharing a conversation are very much like coaching and is something to own and frame in a really self-aware way in our marketing.

Rob gave us a great insight into his belief that podcasts are just the start of a conversation. They are not just an “episode” but are the start of the next stage of a conversation and by inviting listeners to email him, or take the next step, he is in fact starting a conversation with a podcast not just enclosing it in an episode.

We concluded by talking about how podcasting informs your coaching, asking questions and listening to your answers has a symbiotic relationship with your coaching practice. Rob shared how he had learned to develop his coaching proactive by making podcasts and this is the core of the work he does with his clients.

You can listen to the whole conversation on our Crowdcast page and you can hear the podcast episode wherever you get your podcasts, simply search Better Bolder Braver.

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