Product: The Fourth Chapter in the Better Bolder Braver Marketing Journey

When making a coaching product most coaches create something they want to deliver, then try to sell it to prospective clients. They have to spend a lot of time and energy persuading clients that this is what they need to buy. It can feel awkward and is a lot of work.

This is because there is a mismatch between what the client wants to buy and what they want to deliver. What if there was a better way?

In our Monday Masterclass session, we discussed how coaches can create coaching products that are a perfect fit for what the client wants to buy, and consequently are much easier to sell. Watch the replay to listen to the whole conversation or read the blog to learn more about making a Bolder coaching product.

A Service is a Product

We first clarified what we mean when we say ‘product’? Put simply, your product is what your client can actually purchase. Even if you think of it as a ‘service’, what you’re doing is packaging the service up into a product that they can buy. A service is open-ended and describes what you do, not what the client gets. In this way, products are generally easier to sell than services.

Start with the client

This sounds obvious, but it’s not where most coaches start when designing their product. Most coaches start with the product and end with the client. It’s a lot easier to start with your ideal client and niche defined, and in doing so results in a product that delivers what the client actually wants to buy. When you map out what the client’s journey looks like and where they want to end up, you can make a product that takes them on that journey. They will recognise that journey as being what they’re looking for and this means you’re making an invitation to guide them. As we learnt in the last Chapter Story, this is what clients are looking for.

Empathy Authority Journey

Your product is the last thing you talk about

Simon shared how to grab the attention of your ideal client, using the elements of empathetic attraction; Empathy, Authority and Journey. They explained how the client is progressing through their own awareness journey staring at Unaware then moving through, Problem Aware, Solution Aware, Product Aware and finally becoming Most Aware.

When your client is unaware or problem aware the last thing they are thinking about, or want to buy, is your product. At this stage, they’re looking for clarity, understanding and insight. Once they reach the Product Awareness stage then you can show them how they can get where they want to be and how your method is a great way of doing this. Only once they have brought into or understood the method can you then offer your product.

Lego building blocks

Create a range of products

We spoke about how you can create a range of products for clients at different Awareness stages. We suggested a video course or series of webinars designed for clients at the beginning of their journey. Next could be group sessions or video learning for those at the next level. Then you can progress to 121 work. The exact combinations and structure will vary depending on what sort of coaching you do and who you work with. So there is no one size fits all solution.

Taking clients on a journey as they move through the levels of awareness means you can progress them through your method many times each time adding more to it and getting deeper into it. Frances also reflected on how this can also preserve your time for the 121 and group sessions, and of course marketing.

Dont Copy

Don’t Copy

Finally, we considered how it’s hard to share examples of ‘what’ your product might include or how it might be structured as each coach has their own method and story. This means each product will be different. Frances explained how you don’t need to match or copy what other coaches do. You won’t win similar clients by simply copying them. You should create something for your niche and something that speaks to your ideal client.

We also reflected on how you get to design how your product works, is structured and delivered. You set the boundaries. You set the schedule. It has to work for you and the client.

If you want to take the conversation further and join other coaches who are making their own coaching products and exploring their methods then join our community of coaches. We host weekly tips & tricks and reflection & confidence sessions and create lots of coaching specific marketing content you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re a coach who wants to create a Bolder coaching product then this is the community you’ve been looking for. Learn more and join.

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