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We get asked a lot about the equipment and software we use to make our videos so we have created this article to show you some of our recommendations.

We’re not saying that you need all of it, or that just by having the kit you will magically be able to make great videos. To help you learn more about the equipment and what it does I have listed it below so you can see what your options are. Then, I have made some collections of equipment to buy together to get a particular job done.

Check out this Tips & Tricks on Being Brave with Video to learn more about how to make your video content stand out. You have to “enrol” in the course (it’s free!) to see the video and it is included in your membership.

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Person Filming Themselves with a Sony ZV1


1. Try using your phone – experiment with the front and back camera. Remember to look at the lens to make the videos feel like you’re speaking to the viewer.

Top Tips: Make sure you have enough memory on your phone as videos use a lot of space. Make sure the battery is charged!

2. External webcam – The internal webcams built-in to your laptop screen are ok for Zoom but just don’t look any good for filming. Here are a few options that are much better.

Best Buy

Better picture and has a built-in microphone

Expensive Fancy Options

Amazing image and streaming quality for PC friends (does not do 4K or anything fancy on mac)

For Apple friends, there is this expensive (like most apple stuff), good but not amazing webcam

3. DSLR/Digital Camera – there are whole websites devoted to which is best. So I’ll keep it simple and tell you what I use.

sony zv 1 review 8c9cd6ffa9b02044a7a3327bc82c5649.jpg?ixlib=rails 0.3

Sony ZV-1

The video quality is fantastic and the sound is very good even with just the built-in microphone.

RØDE Wireless GO II

rode wireless go header1 1920x795.webp?ixlib=rails 0.3
A great wireless microphone that plugs into your phone or camera and is very useful if you use a teleprompter. Because the camera sits behind the glass the internal mic on the camera/phone can’t hear you clearly. With this, it can.

Use it with this mic for the best sound.


If you’re putting your iPad or a camera on a tripod you want something sturdy and that you can get into the right position without having to balance it precariously. Books and boxes will only get you so far. When choosing a tripod make sure it is all metal around the hinges, legs and mounting at the top. Cheap tripods will be plastic and the hinges and are likely to break or giveaway when loaded with even a small device or with a minor adjustment of the legs. Investing in a good tripod is protecting your precious kit and is cheaper than a new iPad/camera.

Tripods for cameras, iPads and teleprompters

All metal solid Tripod

iPad Grip

Tripods for phones

One that will last forever

One that grips and goes anywhere

Beware the cheap plastic imitations – you get what you pay for and it’s holding your phone!


TeleprompterIf you’re going to deliver a longer video to the camera then you can’t beat using a teleprompter. This device reflects the words for you to read in front of the camera lens, so you can still look down the lens of the camera whilst reading the words. The camera can’t see the words as it is focused beyond the words on your face.

There are phone apps that claim to do the same thing, putting the words you want to say over the video you’re recording. However, you’re not looking at the lens so you’re looking down at the words a lot which makes them a bit pointless.

You can’t beat the real thing.

For phones

Teleprompter for phones and small iPads

For iPads and cameras

Larger teleprompter for iPads (needs a tripod)

If you’re filming with your phone you will also need another phone/iPad to reflect the words onto the teleprompter.

Teleprompter Apps

The wireless/Bluetooth remotes that sometimes come with teleprompters are rubbish (and hard to use whilst talking!). I suggest you use an App instead. The one I use is very clever, it listens to you talking and scrolls along as you speak.

PromptSmart PRO

Android App

Apple App

There is a free teleprompter you can use on your computer that scrolls at a set pace. This also works on the iPad and teleprompter but you have to play around with it to set it going and then get in position in time. Also with this, you might pause while you wait for it to scroll which means you then have to edit out the gaps. I prefer being able to speak freely and it react to what I’m saying, but play with both and see what works for you.


RODE NT USB MiniThis is one of the best bits of kit you can buy because it will make you sound a lot better on your coaching calls, and you can use it for your Podcast!

Remember that unless you are using your webcam to film your videos, then you can’t use this microphone with either your phone or a DSLR/Digital Camera. This is just for the computer.

A good reliable microphone needs an investment. There are cheaper ones than I have listed below on Amazon that “look” the part, but they sound rubbish and will fall apart. A good microphone will last years and make you sound like a pro. Well worth the investment if you can.

Low Cost (what I use)

Rode NT-USB Mini Amazon

Rode NT-USB Mini Thoman (often cheaper than Amazon)

Get your microphone in the perfect position with a Studio arm

More professional

Sure MV7 Thoman

Sure MN7 with studio arm Thoman

Blue Yeticaster with studio arm Thoman

You also need headphones for recording your podcast, they plug into the microphone:


Very discrete, great for zoom and podcast recordings


Very comfy and sound good

Microphones that plug in to your phone or camera

RODE Wireless GO II

Rode Wireless GO II – A great wireless microphone that plugs into your phone or camera and is very useful if you use a teleprompter. Because the camera sits behind the glass the internal mic on the camera/phone can’t hear you clearly. With this, it can. Use it with this mic for the best sound.

Rode Wireless GO II Thomann

Microphone to make it sound great Thomann

My room has lots of echoes

If your voice is echoing around your room or you can “hear the room” don’t worry it’s very common. It’s very hard to fix completely without some serious acoustic treatment, however, you can reduce this effect with some sound-absorbing panels. This is an affordable one I use from IKEA.

Making your phone sound better

Recording sound on your phone doesn’t always sound great.

The Rode Wireless GO II and microphone can plug into most phones and this will really help with the sound. Your Android phone will need a USBC port and cable to connect, if you have an iPhone you need this cable.

For older phones, this also comes with a headphone jack connector.

It should work with most good, modern phones but do check if you’re not sure. If you’re looking for better sound then you’ll want to start looking at a camera setup. This is a good option Sony ZV-1 the built-in mic sounds very good.


LED Lighting KitThe best light is daylight, not the direct sun but a good light, bright room or outside. Remember your face needs to face the window to get the best light. Don’t have a window in the background.

If you want more consistent light, then you need some lights. These are best placed on either side of the camera and raised above your head pointing down towards your face.

Light Tents

These are cheaper and take up a bit of space

1 light kit (for above your screen to make you look better on Zoom)

2 light kit (for filming content two lights work best)

Light Pannels

These save a bit of space and are brighter

2 Light Kit

Pro Light Setup

If you want to go for a pro setup, then this light kit is really good. Quiet and super night LED light, with this reflector/diffusor dome and this stand.

Video and Podcast Editing

There are some great professional Apps out there that do a very good job of video editing. I’ve used a lot of them and hands down Descript is the easiest and most powerful tool for the money.

It’s incredible and affordable (from $12 pm). You really do have to try it to believe it. You can use it to edit your podcast and your videos. Watch this video, it explains everything.

If you’re struggling with editing on a tiny screen the I would recommend getting a bigger screen that will give you more space for the windows and put less strain on your eyes. This 4k Samsung screen is incredible and works with Mac and PC.

Also, this keyboard and mouse are a great addition to your setup, again works with Mac and PC. Free those shoulderswrists and back, raise your working eye height with a monitor and get your posture sorted!

Podcast Recording

When you want to make your podcast sound great then Zoom often doesn’t cut it. Zoom compresses the audio and will often drop out or distort. It is designed for meetings not recordings. The solution to this problem is to use a tool designed for recordings and I have found the best one to by They say – “Easily record podcasts and videos in studio quality from anywhere. All from your browser or mobile app.”


Here are a few collections I have put together to help you buy what you need.

I want to look and sound better on Zoom


Microphone andStudio arm

I want to record videos for social content

Tripod for your phone


Rode Wireless GO II and microphone.

I want to record course content

Tripod and if you’re using your phone to record a phone grip

Teleprompter (remember the App – links above)

Lights or brighter lights or PRO light (with a diffuser)

Camera – with the built-in microphone

Rode Wireless GO II and microphone


Phone/iPad with Rode Wireless GO II and microphone

Remember you need an iPad or phone to reflect AND a phone/camera to record on if you use a teleprompter.

I want to record my podcast

Microphone and Studio arm


If you do buy some of this equipment, then please click the links from this blog before you click “buy” to throw a few pennies our way.

Now it’s time to get creative!

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