Supporting Graduating Coaches

Are you looking for a way to help your students …

  • Create their Continued Professional Development (CPD) plan?

  • Plan an effective and manageable process to get their first clients?

  • Talk about what they do in a way that aligns with the global coaching Code of Ethics?

  • Feel supported in putting themselves out there?

We know this can be hard to do as a coaching training organisation. You’re focusing on your area of expertise – delivering excellent coaching training – it’s not always possible to deliver the above range of business development expertise alongside that.

Without it, the irony is that your graduates may never be able to use the coaching that they have learned to master with you.

We’re here to help

With a lot of conflicting marketing advice out there, it can feel overwhelming and daunting as a newly qualified coach – especially trying to work out where to start. With 20 years of marketing experience, and having created a marketing training course and community just for coaches, we’re in tune with the reality of marketing to clients, who are looking for – or find themselves – at a point of change in their lives.

We’re best placed to help coaches understand how they can use the skills they have developed in their coaching training to attract the clients they want to work with. Unlike other marketing training, all of our content is written specifically for coaches. We’re not focused on hacks, tactics or pressure selling programs, our marketing process is ethical, sustainable and is designed with coaches’ values, limits and motivations in mind.

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Marketing Your Coaching Businesses is a one-hour workshop that will guide your students through the essential steps they need to start marketing, creating content and engaging with their ideal clients. It can be used to demonstrate how they can use marketing in their coaching business to develop a practice that fits perfectly into their CPD plan.

This session will reframe marketing to empower coaches to attract better clients, build a bolder coaching product and be braver with their pricing planning and purpose. It’s a guide through designing a marketing practice around intention and clarity to build an enjoyable, effective and sustainable coaching business.

We are absolutely NOT about tactics, “10 x-ing your income” or any other marketing bullshit. We sit firmly behind The Ethical Move of marketers and want to help coaches make a lasting difference to many people’s lives and to inform great change in the world.

We want to show them how they can use the skills they already have as a coach to make their marketing feel more manageable and authentic.

We invite them to flip their marketing mindset from chasing conversions to starting meaningful conversations.

Move your marketing from conversions to conversations

What will they get out of it?

Students will get a clear understanding of:

  • The journey a client is on when deciding if coaching is right for them and how to use marketing to coach them through that journey in an ethical, supportive and enlightening way.
  • The journey they’re on and what they need to do to find their niche, build a coaching product that serves both them and their client, how they can price it with confidence and deliver it without burning out.
  • How to make content that engages and excites their ideal client into starting a meaningful conversation with them.
  • How they can utilise the coaching skills they have just learned in order to build a marketing plan that’s manageable and that they’ll actually use and feel motivated by.

Watch a snapshot of our workshop here to learn more about the Journey of Consciousness.

The Coach’s Marketing Journey

What do other coaches say about this workshop?

We were invited by the Association for Coaching to deliver this workshop to its members. This is what they said about their experience:

Better Bolder Braver Community Members

“Breath of fresh air!!”

“Love it. No bullshit. Whoopwhoop!”

“An incredible approach. So heartwarming to hear.”

“As a new coach some of the stuff I have come across on marketing is just awful and greedy and some of that then masked as being in service -quite distasteful and doesn’t feel good coming into this when all that dominates. Great to hear something so different”

“GREAT webinar! Thank you. Many, many ideas for coach marketing – empathically, transparently, with huge #ethics 🙏”

“Wonderful session. Lots to learn and reflect.”

“I really enjoy your approach to marketing, it resonates to me – thank you!”

“Thank you for a thought-provoking and entertaining session; really enjoyed it”.

Ongoing Support and CPD in the Community

We have built a marketing community just for coaches – it’s all about holding space, asking questions and tapping into needs in order to offer the best support possible. We promote and offer transparent and creative thinking and working, collaborative support, safe spaces and an enjoyable approach to marketing their coaching business. Community membership incorporates our marketing training course created especially for coaches.

Our marketing training course is accredited by The Association for Coaching CPD Hours scheme – students will be awarded 32 hours of CPD credit on completion.

Association For Coaching CPD Hours Scheme

The course will guide and support your students through the process of designing their coaching product and talking with confidence about who they work with, what they do and why they are best placed to help. The course takes 12 weeks to complete, with over 70 video lessons as well as bi-weekly check-in sessions. The course can be completed as part of their qualification training or as part of planned future CPD.

Learn more about the course and how it benefits newly-qualified students.

How can I take advantage of this?

We have a number of ways we can work with you and your students to help them get their first coaching clients and make their CPD plans.

You have 2 options:

  1. You can direct them to a quarterly workshop we run on LinkedIn and to our website, where they can join our community and start the marketing training.
  2. We can deliver a version of our workshop tailored to your coaching training for your students and offer them an exclusive trial membership of our community – giving you lots of added value to pass on to your students as they train and qualify with you.

If you want to ensure your graduating students make the most of their qualifications and make an impact with their coaching then together we can ensure they attract the right first clients and build an enjoyable, effective and sustainable coaching business.

If you want to direct your students to a place where they will be seen, heard and understood then we can hold space for them to develop, make connections, collaborate and thrive as coaches.

Let’s talk about how we can help you to give your coaches the best start in their new journey. We’d love for you to be one of a small number of coaching training providers that we work with, get to know really well and of course can recommend others to.

So we’d love to hear what CPD offerings you have for coaches too!

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