The Braver Way Programme

Are you a coach who is:

  • Not attracting the “right” clients

  • Unclear on how to create a ‘product’ from your coaching service

  • Struggling to sell your online course/programme

  • Looking for support after trying to go it alone

  • Charging for your time or panic pricing

If so, you’re not alone. We hear this a lot.

Frances and Simon standing on the rooftop

You Can Build a Better Coaching Business

The Braver Way is a communal marketing development programme for coaches, who want to work on more than just their marketing. It is centred on active learning and compassionate support.

In a cohort of like-minded coaches, you will:

  • Attract more of the client you want to work with

  • Craft or evolve a coaching product

  • Grow your coaching business

  • Reclaim ‘control’ of your business, time and finances

  • Create a more balanced lifestyle

  • Practice, and enjoy, ethical marketing

  • Develop personally

  • Be part of a supportive coaching community

Your new-found confidence will translate to bravery in how you market yourself.

This energy will be infectious – potential clients will be moved to join you on their own journey of clarity, calm and creativity.

You will:

  • articulate clearly how you work with people, the methods you use and why you are the best coach for them.
  • understand and get clearer on your niche’s needs and wants.
  • learn how to build a coaching product that is unlike anyone else’s – a perfect fit for your ideal client and a reflection of your personal skills, authority and experience.
  • create – and price – your coaching product to serve both you and your ideal client, and price it so as not to burn out.
  • talk about your coaching work with pride, confidence and a sense of purpose.
  • find clarity on your own limits, boundaries and values.
  • learn how to plan your marketing activity better.
  • practice – working “out loud”, with purpose and also joy, lightness and curiosity.
  • most importantly, enjoy putting yourself out there.

We will:

  • Talk money.
  • Take away the “should”s.
  • Address comparison and perfection.
  • Teach you how to plan, but also how to deviate and have fun.
  • Be driven by Empathy, Story, and Journey.
  • Meet you where you are.

How It Works

We have designed this group programme to bring together a small circle of like-minded coaches on a focused and structured journey that combines deep work, self-awareness and emergent thinking with practical marketing tips, techniques and exercises.

You will experiment ‘in the real world’, have opportunities to reflect and get support on your marketing activity, and will be inspired and motivated to keep going.

The Braver Way programme runs for 20 weeks, starting in mid 2022 – so, it’s the best motivator if you are looking to up your coaching game, feel supported and grow your business in the next year… for the next ten years.

Every month brings a new ‘stage ’in the programme. Each stage has a theme and consists of lessons and exercises to work through. There is an immersive group session dedicated to that month’s theme in which we all come together to deepen our understanding, reflect, share learnings, perform rituals to let go, celebrate developments and nourish hope.

There are also case clinics, 121 sessions and smaller group get-togethers dedicated to tangible training as well as a space to reflect, learn and grow in confidence.

The structure of the programme, and the other coaches, will keep you accountable and make you feel supported on the journey – whatever stage you are at when you join.

To be inclusive, streamlined and mindful of the present climate, all sessions will be conducted via Zoom, with creative opportunities for personal ritual and private reflective practise “at home” encouraged along the way.

Welcome Gathering

We have intentionally designed a welcome call to gather together with purpose. Using the group’s unique dynamic, we will identify personal strengths and think about how we can best work to support each other on the coming journey together.

Stage 1: Clarity

When we connect with our bigger picture mission and vision it helps us feel compelled to show up on a daily basis – to ourselves and to those we care about.
We want to surround ourselves with the people (clients, colleagues and cheerleaders) and energy that help us to thrive.

In this first stage, you’ll dive deep into your values and how these connect to your work. We will frame the space, setting out boundaries and aspirations that, as a group, we feel will drive us forward for the duration of the programme.

The work you will do on your ‘ideal client’ – your ‘who’ – will help you understand their wants and needs… and to articulate and embrace the outcomes, feelings and insights they’re really looking for.

This stage is about clarity for you and clarity for your client.

Stage 2: Ownership

You will connect your client’s wants, needs, outcomes, feelings and insights to your coaching method. This will form the foundation of your marketing practice and will shape your story, which illustrates the journey that only you can take your ideal client on. The ownership you will feel is what will propel your energy in both your marketing and also your coaching practice.

Stage 3: Purpose

You will craft a coaching product that maps your ideal client’s needs, wants and outcomes, and aligns it perfectly with your personal values, boundaries, limits and potential to make a change – your purpose. This will empower you to talk with confidence about your who, what and why and enable you to show clearly where you are an authority, the best guide and your work is a beacon of hope.

You’ll get more confident about pricing, conversations with potential clients, networking and cheerleading others.

Stage 4: Play

You will map out and create content that tells your story in a way that feels safe to you, mirrors your approach and clearly points people to answers, next steps, outcomes. You will create a Journey of Consciousness for your clients to follow.
You will move out of your comfort zone and give yourself and others permission to explore new ideas and create with confidence and support.

Stage 5: Courage

You will develop a marketing practice to enjoy daily – rather than it feeling like a chore. You will plan for the future in a way that means you can enjoy the process, make it a regular part of your work and know how to reflect on it so that it helps you grow.

We will gently guide you away from pride, imposter syndrome and any sense of inauthenticity that might be getting in your way – so you can better empathise with and relate to your client through your marketing and helping you to build a more sustainable coaching practice for the future.

Closing Ceremony

We will celebrate the end of the journey together and you will set your intentions to move onwards. You will reflect on how far you’ve come and what you’ve learned along the way, create accountability for ourselves and each other, and design for how we can continue to work together moving forward.

1-2-1 Implementation & Reflection Sessions

Included in the programme are four 1-2-1 sessions:

  • two Action Sessions with Simon and
  • two Reflection Sessions with Frances

These sessions are available to book at any time, and in no particular order, during your 20 weeks – so you can use them if you want a deep dive to help with a particular session or you want some guidance and support with digesting and implementing the learning.

Graduates of The Braver Way are also entitled to ongoing 1-2-1 work with Simon and/or Frances once the programme concludes.

Simon Frances 3 min
Simon and Frances Answer Your Questions

Case Clinics

Throughout the programme, we run ‘Case Clinics’, where one circle member gets the chance to receive focussed support from their peers, who will ask questions and offer ideas, inspiration and reflection to bring clarity and direction for everyone on the programme.

Group Sessions

To support you throughout the programme – drawing collectively on over 40 years of marketing experience, we host extra sessions to keep you motivated and to inspire:

Frances holds Reflection & Confidence sessions to hold space for the group to reflect on how marketing is making them feel and to discuss thoughts and ideas that have come up as part of the work. There are two of these sessions per month.

Simon hosts monthly Tools & Techniques sessions – dedicated to specific marketing topics – to which you can bring questions, challenges and ideas.

Frances and Simon

What’s included?

The programme includes:

  • Video, audio & written lessons, exercises and resources for each of the five stages
  • Welcome Gathering
  • 5 x Group Calls
  • 5 x Tips & Techniques Sessions
  • 10 x Reflection & Confidence Sessions
  • Case Clinics for everyone on the programme
  • Four 1-2-1 Sessions (2 with Frances and 2 with Simon)
  • A Closing Ceremony
  • A Peer-to-Peer Accountability Working Group
  • Unlimited access to the programme resources and all session recordings for the lifetime of your Better Bolder Braver community membership.

Why should I join the Braver Way?

Simon and Frances walking in their office

The Braver Way will give you the drive and support you need to grow your coaching business with intention and focus in 2022.

You will …

  • Have accountability as part of the small circle of no more than 10 coaches
  • Find clarity and a deeper understanding of your niche and ideal client
  • Feel more confident in getting out of your comfort zone
  • Implement your own manageable content workflow
  • Grow your audience by consistently showing up
  • Craft a coaching product that your ideal client wants to buy
  • Be supported as a group and 1-2-1 by Frances & Simon

Reserve Your Place

Book a ‘discovery call’ today to ask any questions and to reserve your spot. The programme will start in mid 2022. Places are limited to 10 coaches.

To get the results, you will need to invest, and we ask for this in 3 ways:

Time – you will need to invest 4-5 hours a week for group work plus anything else you can spare for watching the videos, doing the exercises and practising your marketing skills

Energy & Space – we ask that you give yourself permission to commit to the process and to embrace the work you will need to do and the emotions that might come up.

Money – each place on the programme is an investment of £3,000 – a lot less than outsourcing your marketing and, rather than distancing you from it, empowers you to own and also to see your marketing as part of your self-development practice. There is an exclusive offer for Founding 50 Members – book a call to discuss this with us.

Better Bolder Braver founders Frances and Simon

1. Book your Discovery Call

To ask any questions

2. Join The Better Way Programme

To implement the learning

3. Reclaim Control

Of your business, your time and your energy

Once you secure a place on The Braver Way programme, it’s then a joyous and confidence-boosting journey to reclaim control of your business, your time and your energy.

I really want to join the programme, but I don’t have (enough) coaching clients yet and therefore enough of an income to play with…

…That old Catch-22…

Please book a call with us. There is no obligation to commit and we’d love to talk to you to learn more about where you are right now – and where you want to be. We have several ways that coaches can work with us, even if the Braver Way isn’t the right fit, yet.

We are clear on the kinds of coaches that we want to work with – those who are focussed on building a sustainable, self-compassionate, creative coaching business.

If this sounds like you and you’re not sure you have the number of coaching clients – or the right level of coaching business to join – we can discuss what path is the right fit for you.

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