Using Marketing To Improve the World

“From a bird’s eye view, everything in my working life has been about helping people to make marketing mean more”

… says Anna Mullenneaux.

Like us, Anna believes that marketing can be a game changer if it comes from a place of self-awareness, service and compassion. We are happy to call Anna a member of our Marketing Family, and we very much enjoyed comparing notes with her on our Marketing Masterclass.

In 2011, Anna created Pimp My Cause with her partner, Paul Skinner, to help marketers and causes to connect, take on pro-bono marketing projects together, and create greater social impacts as a result.

They launched MarketingKind in 2020 to work with leaders who are passionate about using marketing for good. Anna helps members to create impacts with pioneering good causes (for example Battle CancerLocal Village Network and Recycling Lives), to coach and support each other in becoming more conscious impactful leaders and to work with marketing heroes such as Seth Godin, Rebecca Henderson and Mike Berners-Lee to explore the biggest opportunities for change.

Charities no longer have the monopoly on meaning and purpose

We talked about big, systemic change coming out of 121 relationships, the power of community, helping others and partnering up in general as wonderful, not-always-obvious, self-growth (existential, career, emotional) opportunities.

We also discussed what we like to call the “Work-Work” balance – transparency about paying bills, balancing jobs, personal limits and self-preservation.

The headline was how energising it can be to work in collaboration and to vibe off people with whom you can co-create – for your own development and for much bigger picture change.